Repainting a Garage Door is a Fundamental Part of Overall Home Maintenance

Despite the best of intentions, it often seems that time runs out on homeowners before they can start/finish all of the outdoor home maintenance projects they had planned for the fall season. Subsequently, any tasks left pending on this list are transferred, at least in theory, to the front of the line for outdoor home maintenance projects next spring. Whether spring or fall, these are the more suitable seasons for exterior painting than the heat and humidity of summer and, at the risk of understatement, winter should not even enter this conversation. One exterior aspect of the home that responds […]

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Why It Is a Good Idea to Insulate Your Garage Door

Insulation of a Garage Door Increases Home Comfort and Lowers Energy Bills A garage door being insulatedIt should come as little surprise to homeowners that the monthly cost of utilities can add rather quickly or, considered from the opposite perspective, subtract dollars quite quickly from their bank account. Even with a monthly home maintenance plan/budget in place, there can be times of the year when these expenses will place a strain on one’s finances. Therefore, it should also not be surprising that homeowners will look for ways to reduce utility costs in order to stretch their budget/finances just a little […]

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General Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance Should Be Routine Part of Homeowner Fall Chores Many homeowners in Ajax, Whitby, and Durham Region are likely now in the process, or some might say the ritual, of doing their outdoor fall chores. The weather has certainly turned from the hot and humid days of summer to the cool/cold and dampness of the fall, and with standard time about to be reinstated, winter cannot be too far away. So the time has come to cut the lawn one last time, store the patio furniture, locate the snow shovels and winter boots, and – to inspect the […]

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There Are Several Viable Reasons to Replace Older-Model Garage Door Openers

People accustomed to modern conveniences can get rather testy when those amenities are not available to them, even on a temporary basis. Ask most homeowners how they react when the power goes out, the air conditioner stops working in mid-July, or access to their internet service is disrupted and their answers may need editing before they can be printed or published. The same premise holds true for garage door openers; homeowners who have a garage door opener can become rather irritated when they push the button on a remote control and the device fails to respond/operate. In some cases, this […]

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Garage Door Inspirations

Table of Contents Many Aspects to Consider When Replacing or Upgrading Your Garage DoorsTypes of Garage DoorsChoice of Garage Door MaterialGarage Door Design/StylePersonal Needs/PreferencesLearn About the Styles and Models of Garage Doors Best Suited for Your Home Many Aspects to Consider When Replacing or Upgrading Your Garage Doors Before investing their money in a major renovation project, homeowners will often invest time and energy in researching various designs, products, suppliers and/or contractors in order to initially generate ideas then make an informed decision on how best to proceed. After all, home upgrades such a new kitchen, an in-ground pool, or […]

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Update the Overall Appeal and Value of Your Home with a New Garage Door

New Garage Doors Can Enhance the Curb Appeal and Value of Your Home All garage doors are new at some point in time, and therefore, regardless of design and composition, this may lull homeowners into thinking that they have just installed the last garage door they will ever need for their home. Unfortunately, new garage doors are only new once, and what was perhaps considered to be trendy or state-of-the-art a few years ago may no longer be the case today. Much can change from the time that new garage doors are first installed, particularly in relation to the homeowner’s […]

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Garage Door Repair Service is Often All You Need When the Door Will Not Open

There is a perception that exists within a segment of consumers that, when something is either broken or not working properly, it is often better to just replace it with a new and perhaps improved model rather than having it repaired. The time and inconvenience of arranging for service or sending the item back to the manufacturer, not to mention any associated costs, will frequently lead these consumers to look for an option that is faster and easier – out with the old, in with the new. While this could be a possible option for certain types of products, it […]

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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Open

Troubleshooting to Assess Whether a Garage Door Repair Technician is Needed For most mechanical objects that are used on a daily or routine basis, there is a certain level of owner expectation with respect to their performance. It is generally assumed that vehicles will start every time the key is turned in the ignition, that gas lawnmowers will respond every time the starter cord is pulled, and that food will be properly chilled or frozen every time a family member opens the refrigerator or freezer respectively. So, when a result other than the expected occurs, there could be a feeling […]

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Award-Winning Garage Door Repair Company Expands its Service to Whitby

There are contractors who might take a few liberties within their advertising when they state that they are the top ranked provider in their specific trade or geographical market. In actual fact, when consumers listen more closely to these ads, they may quickly come to realize that those contractors are merely emphasizing aspects of their business that are either non-essential services or elements that cannot be quantified. The fact that someone uses better quality paint does not make them a good painter, nor does staying open later make a restaurant the best place in town to have a meal. What […]

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