Garage Door Track Replacement

Garage Door Track Replacement

Garage door tracks are a set of rails installed at either side of the garage door where the rollers are placed that guide the door open and closed in a steady and smooth motion. When the garage door tracks bend or become damaged, homeowners can typically recognize the effects immediately. Observe the speed and movement of the garage door as it glides along the tracks. If the door slows, makes grinding, unpleasant rubbing sounds or shows a noticeable gap between the rollers and rail then your garage door tracks likely have a slight misalignment.

When you notice your garage door performance has slipped, reach out to the friendly, knowledgeable technicians at Whitby Garage Doors. We have over a decade of experience installing and repairing garage doors throughout the Whitby, Ontario area — we provide fast same-day repair services to reduce hassle and quickly restore garage door safety and efficiency.

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How Do Garage Door Tracks Become Damaged?

Most local homeowners use their garage doors daily as the primary entrance to their homes, and even the highest quality garage door tracks can bend or become misaligned and damaged over time. Typically, bent garage door tracks are caused by:

  • Garage door impact: Because they are exposed in the garage, the tracks can be accidentally hit at some point by a large object like your vehicle or other stored items like lawn equipment or bicycles. Even small impacts can cause the tracks to bend or become misaligned affecting the quality of your hardware.
  • Broken or damaged hardware: Proper garage door maintenance is crucial to ensuring long-term garage door performance — if you have broken drums or frayed cables, the weight of the garage door will sit on the tracks and cause them to bend and twist. It’s also important to keep the rollers properly and regularly lubricated so they can smoothly roll along the track. Improperly lubricated rollers that cannot move will create tension and damage the tracks.
  • Track age: As garage door tracks age, they accumulate debris and rust buildup, which can cause significant damages to parts of your garage system and eventually cause the tracks to bend.
  • Corrosion: Rain, snow and salt buildup will start to corrode the bottoms of your tracks, eventually disengaging them from their support brackets.

Can Homeowners Still Operate Garage Doors With Bent or Misaligned Tracks?

Even if the garage door still opens and closes with damaged tracks, homeowners should avoid operating their garage doors. Damaged garage door tracks can cause damages to other parts of your system, like the drums and cables or rollers. In severe cases of track damage or misalignment, garage doors can fall off the tracks when in use presenting a significant safety risk.

When your garage door tracks are damaged, reach out to the skilled professionals at Whitby Garage Doors. Our highly trained and experienced technicians arrive at your home promptly and determine whether garage door track repair or replacement is the most practical solution for your home.

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