Give Yourself the Gift that Keeps on Giving – A New Garage Door Opener

Give Yourself the Gift that Keeps on Giving – A New Garage Door Opener

Here are 5 reasons to get a new garage door opener even if the old one works from Whitby Garage Doors

How many Christmas gifts will you get this year that you will use every day? In a related question, would anyone ever give you a new garage door opener as a gift? Add it all up and, if you want a gift that you’ll appreciate every time you drive out of or into your garage, get yourself a new garage door opener.

But, wait, your old opener is working just fine. It’s been there since you moved in. Why would you waste a perfectly good gift opportunity (especially since it’s for yourself!) on a new garage opener?

It’s a good question. If there’s one ‘problem’ with most good quality door openers, it is that they seem to last forever.

5 Reasons to Get a New Garage Door Opener Even if the Old One Still Works

Here’s why you should think about gifting yourself a new garage door opener this year.

  1. Safety – There are a remarkable number of 25- and 30-year-old openers still faithfully lifting and lowering garage doors. That’s great until you realize that, while they are working well, they are missing safety systems, like photo-eyes, which were not common on garage door openers until the mid-1990s.
  2. Your Current Door Opener Won’t Last Forever – Maybe it’s already broken down and been repaired. In any case, openers don’t last forever. And you can bet they’ll finally call it quits at the worst possible time. The clock is ticking…..
  3. Peace & Quiet – If you can tell when someone comes home, even when you’re in the basement, your garage door opener is too noisy. You might not realize the ruckus your opener causes until you hear (or not) the quiet operation of a new one. 
  4. Battery Backups – If you’re still opening and closing the garage door manually every time the power goes out, get a new opener. Battery backups can give you as many as 10 open/close cycles when the power’s out. 
  5. Get Connected – Just like about everything else in your house, garage door openers have joined the list of appliance you can control from your smartphone. Except, compared to finding out that your clothes are now dry, it’s actually quite useful to learn that your door has just been opened by someone and you’re not home.

If you’d like to learn more about why you should get a new garage door opener for yourself this year, contact Whitby Garage Doors today.

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4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring – Part 2

In Part 1 of 4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring, we talked about the importance of keeping your garage door and door opener operating smoothly and safely, and we looked how to inspect both for problems.

Here are three more tips to keep your garage door operating at peak efficiency this summer.

1. Check that The Door’s Safety Systems are Working

Your garage door is probably equipped with two safety systems. One stops the door and reverses it if the door strikes anything while it is closing. The other, the safety sensors, stops and reverses the door if anything interrupts the signal between the photo eyes located on either side of the door frame.

To check the garage door’s safety sensors, get an empty cardboard box that you do not need. Put the box on the driveway just outside the open garage door. Stand on the side of the box away from the door with a stick or something to push the box. Start the door closing and push the box between the photo eyes. When you do, the door should stop in its path and reverse.

To check the system that reverses if the door strikes anything while closing, with the door open, place a short 2 x 4 piece of wood on the garage floor where the door touches the floor when it’s closed. Stand away from the path of the door. Use the remote control for the garage door opener to close the door. The door should stop and reverse when it hits the 2 x 4.

2. Inspect the Door’s Seals

Your garage door has weather seals between each panel, along the bottom of the door and around the outside frame of the door. They should all be in place and undamaged to keep your garage well-insulated.

3. Lubricate the Door

Like an oil and lube for your car, this will keep your door running like a well-oiled (lubricated!) machine.

For metal on metal moving parts, like the hinges (never the surface of the rollers in the roller tracks) use a petroleum-based lubricant.

For weather seals and stripping between the door panels and all around the door, use a silicone-based lubricant.

Good luck with your garage door tuneup! If you spot anything that doesn’t seem right, or you need any other help or garage door services, call us at 905-665-8668.

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4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring – Part 1

You do it for your car, so why not for your garage door and garage door opener? Every spring, you start thinking about taking the car in for a tuneup, rotate the tires, oil and lube, check the brakes, and anything else needed to keep it running safely and smoothly.

What most people don’t realize is that their garage door can benefit from some of the same TLC. And you don’t even have to drive it to your mechanic’s shop. A spring tuneup for your garage door and opener helps to keep it running smoothly for longer, helps you avoid costly repairs, and most importantly, helps keep the largest and heaviest moving object in your home working safely.

How to Do a Garage Door & Door Opener Tuneup

Here are a few of the things you can do to make sure your garage door and door opener are all working well for the summer.

1.Inspect the Door and Opener

Check that all the moving parts of your door and opener work properly.

2.The Door

After disconnecting the door from the opener, opening and closing it by hand should be a relatively easy, smooth operation.

3.Door Hinges

Inspect the hinges between the door panels for signs of corrosion and/or damage.

4.Door Rollers

The rollers on the side of the door should run smoothly and evenly along the entire roller track.

5.Springs & Cables

Check the cables and springs that help balance your door for signs of rust, fraying and over-extension.

6.Inspect the Gear on the Garage Door Opener

If you see signs that the gear is slowly being stripped of its teeth, it might be worth having it replaced before you are caught at the worst time with a garage door that can’t open or close.

In Part 2 of 4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring, we’ll talk about how to make sure the door’s safety systems and seals are in good shape and also how to lubricate the garage door.

Until then, if you spot anything that doesn’t seem right, or you need any other help or garage door services, call us at 905-665-8668.

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4 Sure Signs it’s Time for a New Garage Door Opener

It’s one of those amazing devices that we rely on constantly, but pay very little attention to. Your garage door opener opens and closes the door an average of 1,500 times a year. In rain and snow, sun and sleet, you push a button and – poof – your garage door opens so you don’t have to get wet or cold to drive right into the garage.

That trouble-free performance is the reason you generally don’t usually give a thought to your opener. It’s also the reason why, one stormy night, you might be stuck outside your garage with an opener that suddenly stops working. Or you, even if the opener never breaks down, you might be compromising the security of your family and home by continuing to use an older model.

Here are just some of the signs that it might be time for a new garage door opener.

1. It’s Decades Old

In 1993, new regulations were introduced for garage door opener safety features, including the requirement that the opener automatically reverses if anything is in the door’s path or if the door hits anything while closing. If your garage door is more than 20 years old, you might be putting the safety of your family at risk.

2. It’s Louder than You Think

Ongoing reliable performance can make you ‘deaf’ to an obvious sign that it’s time for a new opener. It’s louder than you think. Not as much attention was paid to quiet operation when older openers were designed and manufactured. Have a listen the next time you use the opener. If it’s unreasonably loud, replace it.

3. It Doesn’t Protect Your Home

The garage is a favourite way for burglars to get into your home. Even if your older opener has a security code, there’s a good chance it’s fixed, which makes it easy for thieves to crack. Newer openers have rolling codes that change every time you use the remote, so no one can know the next code to open the door.

4. It Doesn’t Have Back-Up Power

Ever tried to get into or out of your garage during a power outage? If you have an older opener, you were probably stuck, at least until you fumbled around in the dark to find the manual override. Newer openers have battery back-ups that keep the opener working even when the electricity isn’t.

So when is it time for a new garage door opener? When the benefits of increased safety, security and peace of mind far outweigh the cost.

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Why You Should Start Thinking About a New Garage Door Opener

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. It’s an old saying that is true most of the time. Very often the ‘fix’ ends up making things worse.

But there are times when, even if something works perfectly, you should consider a new solution. An old car might start every time and run like a charm, but the extra gas it burns could be costing you a bundle.

If you haven’t replaced your garage door opener in a long time, there are a number of compelling reasons to start thinking about a new one.

Lower Costs, Increased Safety and Added Convenience

Recent advances in garage door opener technology offers benefits that many people don’t realize are available; benefits that make a new opener worth thinking about.

1. Mobile Connectivity

Ever leave home and wonder if you left the garage door open? Some newer openers feature internet connectivity that lets you check on the status and operate your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

2. Backup Power

The days of coming home during a power outage and not being able to open your garage door are over. Battery backups are standard on many new openers.

3. Increased Security

That numeric touchpad seemed fairly high-tech when you first installed it. But burglars soon found out how easy it was to get past it. Some current garage door openers come with a feature that changes the security code every time you use it – so it’s impossible for anyone but you to use the right code.

4. Motion-Sensitive Lighting

How many times have you scraped a shin on something in your garage while trying to find the light switch? Motion-activated lighting makes every visit to the garage painless – and it discourages thieves too.

5. Save on Energy Bills

New energy-efficient openers use up to 75% less power in standby mode than older models.

A new garage door opener might look similar to your old one, but it can make your home more secure, offer practical convenience and save you money.

For more information on the complete range of garage door opener options or repairs provided, call the specialists from Whitby Garage Doors today at 905-441-1512 to schedule a service call from one of our skilled technicians.

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Why Your Garage Door Opener May Not Be Responding

Knowledgeable Installers Can Identify and Repair Garage Door Opener Issues

It is quite likely that most people can recall at least one instance when they tried to have a conversation with another person who is preoccupied with other thoughts or something that is taking place elsewhere in the room. This preoccupation is often manifested when that other person is asked a direct question, perhaps more than once, yet they virtually have no reaction, let alone any response.

At this point, the questioner will probably walk away and tell someone else (anyone who will listen) about the frustrating conversation with so-and-so because, in their words, the lights are on but nobody is home. Assuming this phrase is not meant in any derogatory fashion, it does get the point across that the other party was thinking of something else and not actively engaged (or even disinterested) in the immediate discussion/interaction.

Albeit a stretch, this analogy could be applicable in situations when a garage door opener appears to be getting power but the door does not move when commanded by a remote control or wall switch. In this case it can be said that, although the garage door opener is there physically (the light is on), its response mechanisms might be somewhere else (but nobody is home). Well, we told you this correlation would be a stretch.

When a garage door opener is getting power but does not open/close the garage door on command, the issue could lie with one of several sources. These causes could include:

  • A built-in garage door lock that has been directly engaged
  • A garage door spring or cable that has broken or lost its tension
  • Bent, damaged, or obstructed garage door tracking and/or rollers
  • The electrical and/or mechanical systems of the garage door opener
  • Opener disconnect switch might have been unintentionally disengaged

If a homeowner identifies the problem to be an engaged door lock or a disconnect switch that has been disengaged, the matter can be easily rectified and the door opener should then resume its normal operation. However, in the event of a malfunctioning opener or issues with door hardware, it would be advisable to call upon a professional garage door services company such as Whitby Garage Doors.

The skilled technicians from Whitby Garage Doors are fully trained and knowledgeable in the installation and repair of garage door openers, and can in turn apply their expertise to confirm the source of the problem and complete the necessary repairs; this is would also alleviate any safety risks for the homeowner, particularly in relation to the dangers of working with high-tension door parts like the torsion spring and cables.

Installation and Service for All Makes and Models of Garage Door Openers

In addition to their diagnostic and repair services, the technicians from Whitby Garage Doors can capably complete the installation of new garage door openers when situations dictate. Such circumstances might consist of:

  • Replacing a current opener that is no longer effective
  • New or first-time installations for existing garage doors
  • New or first-time installations when replacing an existing door
  • Replacement of older garage door opener technology (>15 years)

The Whitby Garage Doors technicians will ensure that the new garage door opener (or a new opener-new door ensemble) will be installed efficiently and appropriately to ensure optimal performance and compliance with all manufacturer warranties.

Whitby Garage Doors installs and services all makes and models of garage door openers and offers the expertise homeowners need to recommend the best course of action and remedy the situation quickly in order to restore the convenience and security provided by a garage door opener.

For further information on the garage door opener services available from Whitby Garage Doors, please visit

If your garage door opener light is on but it does not move your door when commanded call the professionals from Whitby Garage Doors today at 905-441-1512 to schedule a service visit to detect the cause of the problem and have it rectified as soon as possible.

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What To Do If Your Garage Door Opener is Broken

Possible Steps for Confirming and Repairing a Broken Garage Door Opener

Most homeowners who have installed an automatic garage door opener will attest to the fact that these devices are quite reliable and, in many cases, will wonder aloud why they waited so long before making the decision to add this convenience to their daily routines. Furthermore, a vast majority of these homeowners will likely state that their garage door opener has been in place for a number of years, and used several times a day, with little to no issues or concerns.

In fact, it is the dependability of a garage door opener that can become the issue, in the sense that homeowners may grow complacent with its performance. Until one day, and perhaps at the most inopportune time, their garage door opener fails to respond and the homeowner is left somewhat dazed and confused.

Now they may wonder aloud how and why this happened; they could regroup sufficiently and try changing the batteries in the remote, but if this has no effect, they may come to a dire realization that their very reliable garage door opener just may actually be broken. All may not be lost, however; homeowners might want to try the following steps to make sure that they do indeed have a broken garage door opener:

  • Check the power supply – is the breaker tripped?
  • Test all remotes in case just the main one is faulty
  • Change all batteries in all remotes and test them again
  • Check to see if the door opener responds to the wall switch
  • Unplug then reconnect the power supply to reset the opener

If the garage door opener fails to function after the homeowner attempts all of the above steps, it would be a reasonable assumption that there is a problem/issue with the device or one of its component parts. Once again though, there are some basic repairs that the homeowner might consider and attempt in a do-it-yourself fashion. These could include:

  • Cleaning or replacing the safety sensors
  • Replacing the circuit board for their specific device
  • Changing the gear-sprocket assembly on the drive shaft
  • Investigating and, if necessary, replacing loose/damaged wires

Conversely, if a homeowner suspects that they have a broken garage door opener but cannot identify the cause of the problem, they can call upon the insight and expertise of a garage door repair service provider such as Whitby Garage Doors. Trained technicians from Whitby Garage Doors will be able to quickly and accurately diagnose the reason for the failure or malfunction and remedy the situation to minimize any inconvenience to the homeowner and their family members.

If you would prefer to have a trained technician service your broken garage door opener, contact Whitby Garage Doors at either 905-441-1512 or [email protected] to schedule a service call at your convenience.

Some Garage Door Repairs Will Require the Expertise of Trained Professionals

Sometimes, when a garage door opener does not operate as expected, it may be due to a problem with the actual door itself or one of its component parts. In these instances, activating the door opener can result in far more extensive damage, albeit inadvertently, and in rather expensive repairs or perhaps even full replacement costs.

Several door-related or parts-related factors can contribute to the failure/malfunction of a garage door opener. These could consist of:

  • Snapped or loose cables
  • Broken or weakened spring
  • Door jammed or out of alignment
  • Damaged or bent rollers or tracking
  • Incorrect horsepower to support door weight

For any such circumstances, homeowners would be well-advised to contract the services of a garage door repairs specialist, like a trained technician from Whitby Garage Doors, rather than attempting any do-it-yourself repairs. This would be particularly applicable to those situations involving a garage door spring, whether directly or indirectly, due to the risk factors that can/will come into play when working with any devices requiring a high degree of tension.

For more information on the complete range of garage door repairs provided by Whitby Garage Doors, including the assessment and repair of broken garage door openers, go to our Services page.

For professional repairs of a broken garage door opener, call the specialists from Whitby Garage Doors today at 905-441-1512 to schedule a service call from one of our skilled technicians.

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There Are Several Viable Reasons to Replace Older-Model Garage Door Openers

People accustomed to modern conveniences can get rather testy when those amenities are not available to them, even on a temporary basis. Ask most homeowners how they react when the power goes out, the air conditioner stops working in mid-July, or access to their internet service is disrupted and their answers may need editing before they can be printed or published.

The same premise holds true for garage door openers; homeowners who have a garage door opener can become rather irritated when they push the button on a remote control and the device fails to respond/operate. In some cases, this is a temporary situation that can be resolved through do-it-yourself means or professional garage door opener repair; other times, though, the better solution might be the purchase of a new device.

But a reactionary reason, a problem, should not be the only reason to replace an existing garage door opener. Similar to many/most other mechanical devices, there have been significant advancements in garage door opener technology over the last several years, to the point where older models may have become limited or close-to-obsolete relative to their overall value to homeowners.

When garage doors openers were developed, their fundamental premise was indeed that of convenience – permitting access to/egress from the garage (and from the home) for the homeowner-family without anyone having to physically lift or lower the garage door. Yet over time, garage door openers have seen their functionality expanded into providing advancements in:

  • Operation
  • Convenience
  • Home security
  • Homeowner safety
  • Protection of property

As a result of their technological advances, newer garage door openers offer a number of reasons why homeowners may want to replace their current models, even though those devices might still be delivering, in a manner of speaking, an acceptable level of service.
Some of the prime influences and considerations for upgrading a door opener would be:

  • Keypad entry
  • Key ring remotes
  • Rolling-code technology
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Smoother/quieter operation
  • Safety reversal mechanisms
  • Activation/control via smartphone
  • Fingerprint-activated wireless keypads
  • Built-in battery back-up (for times of power outages)
  • Lockout feature (prevents operation during absences)

Modern/advanced-technology garage door opener scan certainly deliver substantial value and benefits to homeowner from several perspectives including operation/performance, security, and convenience. A complete line of available options/upgrades is available to homeowners in Oshawa, Ajax, and the Durham Region through the garage door opener repair and installation experts at Whitby Garage Doors.

Expert Garage Door Opener Installation and Testing from Whitby Garage Doors

When homeowners opt to replace their existing garage door opener, a critical part of the overall process will be the proper installation of that new device. This will be particularly important when upgrading from an older/basic model to one that has enhanced wireless technology.

The technicians from Whitby Garage Doors are trained in the installation of all garage door opener models, including the LiftMaster series, acknowledged as a leading brand worldwide for more than 45 years. The Whitby Garage Doors staff can help homeowners in selecting the right garage door opener for their needs, and for the size and weight of their garage door, and then ensure the opener is properly installed.

Once the physical installation is complete, the technicians will test various aspects of the garage door opener’s operation, including:

  • Travel limits for opening and closing
  • Opening and closing force of the door
  • The overall balance of the door weight
  • Safety reversal mechanism/photo eyes
  • Condition of all existing garage door parts

In the case of the existing door parts, actual or potential issues with such components as the springs, cables, rollers, and tracking can adversely affect the smooth operation of a garage door opener and, in some instances, be detrimental to the motor. Should there be any issues identified, Whitby Garage Doors can provide immediate repair service to rectify the situation and protect the homeowner’s investment in the new door opener.

Thinking about installing a new or upgraded garage door opener? Call the garage door installation and repair specialists from Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to schedule a no-obligation consultation on the garage door opener that is right for your specific needs.

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Garage Door Repair Service is Often All You Need When the Door Will Not Open

There is a perception that exists within a segment of consumers that, when something is either broken or not working properly, it is often better to just replace it with a new and perhaps improved model rather than having it repaired. The time and inconvenience of arranging for service or sending the item back to the manufacturer, not to mention any associated costs, will frequently lead these consumers to look for an option that is faster and easier – out with the old, in with the new.

While this could be a possible option for certain types of products, it is not necessarily applicable to garage doors. When a garage door no longer opens and closes properly, or not at all, the cause is often readily identifiable and can usually be remedied through a professional garage door repair service such as Whitby Garage Doors.

Indeed, there will be occasions when a complete garage door replacement would be the appropriate course of action. Such situations might include:

  • Age-related issues – rust, rotted wood, warping
  • Structural damage, either accidental or malicious
  • Improving energy efficiency over the existing door
  • Upgrading the aesthetics or curb appeal of the home

But, for the most part, the smooth operation of a garage door and even its appearance can be fully restored without incurring the costs of purchasing and installing an entirely new door. There can be a number of reasons why a garage door may no longer function safely, securely, and/or appropriately – these circumstances can include:

  • Broken garage door springs or cables
  • Loss of tension in the springs and/or cables
  • Weight of the door off-centre or imbalanced
  • Rollers cracked, bent, or shifted out of place
  • Track is misaligned or has sustained damage
  • Garage door opener somehow malfunctioning
  • Window inserts are either cracked or broken
  • Damage to one or two of the individual panels

All of the above issues can be rectified relatively easily and affordably by calling upon a Whitby garage door repair provider like Whitby Garage Doors. A trained technician from will respond promptly to diagnose the primary cause of the failure and recommend the appropriate course of action to restore the operation and/or aesthetics of the door.

Common Reasons Behind the Need for Garage Door Opener Repairs

In much the same way that garage door repair providers can help homeowners avoid the cost of a replacement door, such services may also prevent the need to purchase a new garage door opener when the existing/current model has malfunctioned.

Let’s face it, these mechanical devices are repeatedly called upon to open and close the garage door, often several times in a single day, and this level of use may simply cause an automatic opener to stop working at some point. Issues with the following parts are the most common reasons behind the need for a garage door opener repair service:

  • Wall switches
  • Electrical wiring
  • Drive systems
  • Gears and sprockets
  • Remote controls
  • Receivers
  • Safety sensors
  • Circuit boards
  • Light sockets

Once again, a certified technician from Whitby Garage Doors can identify and remedy the issue quickly and efficiently, thereby extending the life of a garage door opener and avoiding the cost of purchasing an entirely new unit.

For more information on the full scope of garage door repair services offered by Whitby Garage Doors, please visit our Services page.

If your garage door will not open and/or you suspect that your garage door opener has malfunctioned, a repair service may be all that is required rather than buying a new door or opener. Call the garage door repair professionals at Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 or contact us at [email protected] to schedule a visit by a technician at your earliest convenience.

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