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Broken Spring

At Whitby Garage Doors we service, adjust, and replace garage door springs. A garage door spring can break without notice leaving your vehicle trapped in your garage. That is where our professional, quick response, same day service is there to help. Whitby Garage Doors fully stocked mobile service van has many different garage door springs ensuring your garage door has the proper spring installed to get your door operating smoothly. 

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  1. There is a break in the torsion spring
  2. Door only opens about 2” when opening with opener
  3. Door is too heavy to open by hand



Broken Cable

A broken cable on your garage door can cause it to sit crooked in the opening and bind in the tracks, making it unmovable. Cables will often break due to corrosion and fraying.


  1. The torsion cable has become loose on the door
  2. The garage door does not sit level on the floor
  3. The garage door does not operate smoothly


Broken Garage Door Panel

Wooden garage door panels have a tendency to rot and deteriorate over time. Many builder doors are wooden and some models are no longer replaceable.

Steel garage doors are usually prefinished and require less maintenance. However, accidents happen. Steel doors will dent and bend when hit by a car or hit with hockey pucks. Whitby Garage Doors can replace many different manufactures garage door panels.




Broken Garage Door Opener

After opening and closing your garage door for many years, your garage door opener may break down.
One of the most common garage door opener repairs is to replace a broken gear and sprocket system on the machine. Whitby Garage Doors mobile work shop can repair broken garage door openers, quickly and efficiently, rather than replacing an opener that may still have many years of service left. This can save you time to get back to your busy day, and of course save you money to keep your existing machine running.


  1. Garage door opener seems to be slipping, not opening/closing the door smoothly.
  2. When operating the garage door opener, the motor seems to be running but does not drive the chain or belt system that opens the door.

Tune Up

Garage doors are generally the last thing on a homeowner’s mind that is, until one breaks. That giant moving wall that you, your children, and your pet walk through every day to come and go all of a sudden isn’t going up or down.
Usually there are signs that indicate that your garage door is in need of a tune up. If caught in time having your garage door serviced and tuned up by Whitby Garage Doors will save you the hassle of an unexpected breakdown, and more costly repairs.


  1. The Garage door is heavy to open and close manually by hand
  2. Door makes grinding, creaking and squealing noises as is opens and closes
  3. Door does not glide smoothly through the tracks
  4. The rollers/wheels the door moves on wobble or pop out of the tracks as the door moves
  5. The garage door opener seems to struggle to open and close the door

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