Broken Garage Door Cable

Broken Garage Door Cable

Is your garage door on an angle — if so, you have a broken garage door cable. Often, homeowners are unaware of the garage door cables until they snap, and the door won’t raise or lower properly. Garage door cables are one of the most crucial pieces of hardware contributing to the door’s counterbalance system, and without them, you may find yourself stranded inside of your garage or stuck outside of it.

When your garage door cables unexpectedly break, rely on the experts at Whitby Garage Doors to perform prompt and reliable same-day repair or replacement services. We’ve been the most trusted, knowledgeable garage door experts throughout the Whitby, Ontario, area for more than 10 years, and we strive to offer personalized solutions and quality products for long-lasting garage door safety, dependability and performance.

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Why Do Garage Door Cables Break?

Garage door cables are attached to the bottom corners of your garage door, traveling over a system of pulleys every time the garage door opens or closes. Over time with regular use and irregular maintenance, the lifting cables will wear or deteriorate from moisture often found at the base of the door. Cables can also become damaged if the door is out of alignment and the cable is rubbing against other pieces of hardware or if a pulley has a worn, defective bearing that can cause the cables to fray with use.

To easily determine whether your garage door cable is about to break, note whether the garage door won’t close entirely on one side as well as any jerky or shaking garage door movement or noisy operations. Once one of the garage door cables snaps, typically one side of the door will lift while the other stays closed.



Garage Door Cable Repair Options

If you notice your garage door isn’t performing normally, making unusual noises or if the door refuses to open at all, and if you see a broken cable dangling from the side of your door, avoid attempting to operate the door. Overhead garage doors are delicately balanced by torsion springs and cables that manage the weight of the door, and trying to open the door could lead to severe damage or personal injury.

When the garage door cables break, contact your local, trained garage door cable repair professionals at Whitby Garage Doors to inspect your system and identify proper repair solutions. Our experienced technicians will typically replace the entire cable system, even if just one side has malfunctioned, to ensure even usage and wear of the parts. Garage door cable replacement services will be completed using proper lubrication and tuning and testing the functionality of the door and opener system.

When Your Garage Door Breaks, Contact Whitby Garage Doors for Prompt, Effective Repairs

Damaged and broken garage door cables can be inconvenient, and repairs can be time-consuming, but with the help of the professionals at Whitby Garage Doors, you’re assured reliable, fast repairs with same-day replacements performed by dependable technicians. All of our garage door cable replacement services are performed using the highest quality parts to guarantee lasting safety and efficiency.

Schedule garage door repair services today by calling us at 905-665-8668 to speak to a team member, or request garage door cable replacement services by filling out our online form.

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