828LM Internet Gateway

Add smartphone control to your myQ-enabled products. Check the status or control your garage doors, gates or myQ lights from anywhere. Receive real-time alerts and create schedules. Easily plugs into a Wi-Fi router.

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MyQ Accessories

myq® Internet Gateway

Daily Schedules

Preset times for your garage door to close or your lights to turn on/off every day.

Multi-Device Control

Control up to 16 myQ devices, including garage door openers, gate operators and light controls.

Smartphone Control for Any Opener

Check status and control your garage door and myQ lights with the myQ app. 


Accessory Warranty: 1 year

  • LiftMaster myQ-enabled garage door openers (look for the myQ logo on the opener).
  • LiftMaster myQ-enabled gate operators.
  • myQ Control Panel (Model 888LM) and myQ Lighting Controls (823LM, 825LM and 827LM)
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