Garage Door Drum Replacement

Garage Door Drum Replacement

When you open or close your garage door, do you hear horrible grating noises or notice the door shaking as it struggles to operate? These performance issues could be an obvious sign that your garage door’s cable drums are damaged. Garage door drums are an integral part of your door’s lifting and counterbalance system and when damaged or broken can lead to additional wear-and-tear on other hardware, like the cables and tracks, or lead to an inoperable door that can leave you in an unwanted bind.

If the garage door drums unexpectedly break, the garage door can’t move smoothly, and you’ll need the help of a trained, dependable professional to address the issue and recommend quality solutions. Whitby Garage Doors offers prompt same-day services for garage door drum replacement services whenever you need it — we work efficiently and skillfully to restore your garage door system to pristine condition, providing safe and reliable access to your home.

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What Are Garage Door Drums?

The drums of your garage door are wheels on the top of the door installed at either end of the spring support bar and are crucial components for easily and steadily raising and lowering the door. Garage door drums help pull up the garage door and act as spools to wind up and store the cables when the door is in the open position. The garage door cables are under an immense amount of pressure and tension. When broken or damaged, they not only prevent the door from properly working but also pose significant safety risks.

How Broken Garage Door Cable Drums Affect Garage Door Performance

Garage door drum replacement is needed any time you notice signs of damage to the hardware such as cracks, broken pieces or warping. Signs that your garage door drums are damaged include:

  • The door opens with a quick, sudden jerking motion or noticeable shaking while the door lifts or lowers.
  • The garage door makes loud squeaking noises while operational.
  • The door is unable to connect with the floor evenly when in the closed position.

Most professionals recommend having the garage door cable drums — as well as every piece of your garage door system — closely inspected and maintained at least once every year to proactively identify damaged areas or inefficiencies. When the garage door drums are damaged, they can cause significant performance issues for your system. Every time the garage door opens, the cables are wound and unwound on the drums, and warped or damaged drums can cause the cables to slip off, allowing the door panels to free-fall. Damaged drums can also cause cables to snap unexpectedly and damage the garage door tracks.

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At Whitby Garage Doors, we provide honest, reliable garage door repair and installation services for residents throughout the Whitby, Ontario, area and beyond. All of our technicians are fully trained and experienced in the best methods for identifying and repairing broken garage door cable drums using the highest quality parts and equipment for lasting results.

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