Why Your Garage Door Is Making Those Strange Noises

Why Your Garage Door Is Making Those Strange Noises

Every garage door makes noise while it is opening or closing — even if it is ideally maintained and properly lubricated, there can still be humming sounds from the opener or the quiet whirring of rollers moving along the metal tracks.

In most cases, homeowners pay little attention to the everyday noises their garage door makes — if you hear the same sounds every time the door is in motion, you’ll probably assume everything’s in good working order. Unfortunately, this level of predictability can cause many homeowners to become complacent about their garage door’s performance until it is too late, and they need a service call to replace a broken garage door opener or attend to some other repair. If your garage door is making a buzzing sound, it might be time to call a professional.

Common Odd Noises and Their Possible Causes

Even if your garage door opens and closes normally, it isn’t necessarily in proper working order  there may be signs that service is on the horizon. These red flags can begin as strange noises you wouldn’t usually associate with its daily operation. Therefore, you should pay attention to the noises your garage door and opener make to detect potential or existing issues and minimize or prevent repair costs.

Rattling or Shaking

If your garage door makes noises like rattling or shaking, it can indicate several underlying issues. Ignoring rattling noises may lead to further loosening of components, exacerbating the problem and potentially causing more significant damage to the door or its mechanism.

Possible causes of rattling or shaking noises in your garage door could include the following.

  • Loose hardware: Over time, nuts, bolts and screws can loosen due to regular door movements, causing parts to rattle during operation.
  • Worn rollers: If the rollers on the garage door tracks are worn or damaged, they may produce a rattling noise when the door moves.
  • Misaligned tracks: Improperly aligned tracks can shake the door during opening and closing, resulting in rattling noises.

Grinding or Screeching

Grinding or screeching noises are distressing sounds you might hear when operating your garage door. Here are some of the common causes.

  • Lack of lubrication: Insufficient lubrication on moving parts such as hinges, springs or rollers can cause metal-on-metal contact.
  • Worn or damaged rollers: Over time, garage door rollers can wear out or become damaged, causing friction and noisy operation.
  • Misaligned tracks: If the tracks are misaligned, the rollers may grind against the edges, producing an unpleasant sound.

Popping or Clicking

Popping or clicking noises are another unusual noise you might hear when operating your garage door. While occasional clicking sounds may not cause immediate concern, don’t ignore persistent or sudden popping noises, as they may indicate potential issues within the garage door system.

Possible causes include the following.

  • Temperature changes: In extreme temperatures, metal parts of the garage door may expand or contract.
  • Spring tension issues: Incorrectly adjusted garage door springs could produce clicking sounds during operation.
  • Loose or worn components: Some clicking noises may arise from loose or worn-out parts within the garage door’s assembly.

Squeaking or Whining

Promptly address these high-pitched sounds or strange buzzing noises in your garage to prevent further damage and ensure your door operates smoothly and quietly.

  • Lack of lubrication: Insufficient lubrication on hinges, springs or other moving parts can result in squeaking or whining noises.
  • Dry or rusty rollers: Dry or rusty rollers can create friction, leading to annoying squeaks during garage door operation.
  • Worn-out bearings: The bearings in the garage door’s pulleys or other moving parts might wear out, causing squeaking sounds.

Other Noises

Additionally, there may be issues specific to a faulty or broken garage door opener.

  • Rattling: A loosening of the chain or support rails
  • Grinding: Inadequate lubrication of a part or parts
  • Straining: Defective motor or inadequate horsepower

Regardless of the specific noise or how to differentiate them, any abnormal sound indicates the need for a garage door inspection and perhaps repair service. 

The Role of Regular Maintenance

While you can inspect your garage door and perform minor fixes such as adjusting loose hardware or lubricating the opener, you should leave most other repairs or service to trained professionals like the technicians from Whitby Garage Doors. A garage door’s weight and the degree of tension in the springs and cables can be particularly dangerous for do-it-yourselfers.  

Like any other mechanical system, your garage door requires periodic attention and care to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Routine maintenance prevents potential issues, while contributing to home security.

  • Preventive measure: Regular maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions. By addressing small problems early on, you can avoid more extensive and costly repairs in the future.
  • Safety assurance: A well-maintained garage door is safe. Ensuring all moving parts function correctly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries to you and your family.
  • Extended life span: Proper maintenance can significantly extend the life span of your garage door and its components. Well-cared-for doors are less likely to wear out quickly and require premature replacements.

A Garage Door Tuneup Can Prevent Additional and Unnecessary Repair Costs

If you suspect your garage door is struggling to keep up with your needs, schedule an immediate service call with a technician from Whitby Garage Doors. Our team will address any pressing maintenance tasks and perform a complete garage door tuneup to prevent additional or unnecessary service and repair costs.

Our garage door maintenance checklist includes a thorough inspection and essential maintenance for any door and opener repair issues.

Garage Door Inspection/Tuneup

Garage Door Opener Inspection/Tuneup

  • Motor
  • Travel limits
  • Drive system
  • Support tracking
  • Safety/auto-reverse

If your garage door or garage door opener is making a strange buzzing noise or other unusual sounds, it might be time for repair or maintenance. Call the garage door repair experts from Whitby Garage Doors today at 905-441-1512 to book a garage door inspection and tuneup visit as soon as possible.

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