Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Making Those Strange Noises

Reasons Why Your Garage Door is Making Those Strange Noises

Garage Repair May Be Needed If You Hear These Sounds

Every garage door will make some type of noise while it is opening or closing; even if the door is ideally maintained and properly lubricated, there can still be the humming sounds that emanate from the garage door opener or the quiet whirring of rollers moving along the metal tracks.

In most cases, homeowners will pay little attention to the everyday noises made by their garage door; since these noises are heard essentially every time the door is in motion, it can likely be assumed that they are in fact positive indicators that the door is functioning as expected. Unfortunately, this level of predictability can cause many homeowners to become complacent about the performance of their garage door – until it is too late and it comes to be that they require a service call to replace a broken garage door opener or attend to some other type of repair.

The fact that a garage door is opening and closing as needed does not mean that it is in proper working order – there may be signs that something is amiss, or soon to be amiss, and that garage door service is imminent or at least on the horizon. And these signs are often exhibited as strange noises that are apart from those related to its daily operation. Therefore, homeowners should be more attentive rather than complacent with respect to the sounds/noises made by their garage door or door opener, in order to detect potential or existing issues and thereby minimize or prevent repair costs.

Here are some of the noises that homeowners may consider as strange/abnormal during the operation of a garage door, along with the most likely or common respective causes:

  • Grating – bent spring coils
  • Squealing – door out of balance
  • Grinding – worn rollers or tracking
  • Rumbling – loosened spring tension
  • Banging – defective panels or hinges
  • Ticking – worn bearings in pulleys or rollers

Additionally, there may be issues specific to a faulty or broken garage door opener:

  • Rattling – a loosening of the chain or support rails
  • Grinding – inadequate lubrication of a part or parts
  • Straining – defective motor; inadequate horsepower

Regardless of the specific noise, or how homeowners may differentiate one type of sound from another, the fact of the matter is that any strange or atypical racket is indicative of the need for a garage door inspection and tune-up, and perhaps some repair service too.

While homeowners can self-assess/inspect their garage doors and perhaps perform some maintenance themselves, such as adjusting loose hardware or lubricating a door opener, most other repairs or service should be left to trained professionals, like the technicians from Whitby Garage Doors. This can be particularly important from a safety perspective, due to the weight of a garage door as well as the degree of tension in the springs/cables.

A Garage Door Tune-Up Can Prevent Additional and Unnecessary Repair Costs

When Whitby homeowners suspect or confirm that their garage door is making unusual or uncharacteristic noises, it would be highly advisable to schedule a service call as soon as possible with a technician from Whitby Garage Doors. Taking such action will address any pressing repair needs as well as provide an opportunity for the technician to perform a complete garage door tune-up to prevent additional and/or unnecessary service/costs.

This garage door tune-up would entail a full inspection of the following and, if necessary, any requisite maintenance beyond any door/opener repair issues immediately at hand:

  • Garage Door Inspection/Tune-Up
    • Panels
    • Hardware
    • Tracks and Rollers
    • Springs and Cables
    • Door Weight/Balance
  • Garage Door Opener Inspection/Tune-Up
    • Motor
    • Travel Limits
    • Drive System
    • Support Tracking
    • Safety/Auto-Reverse

If your garage door or garage door opener is making strange and unconventional noises, it might be indicative that some repair or maintenance is needed. Call the garage door repair experts from Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to book a garage door inspection and tune-up visit as soon as possible.

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