Repainting a Garage Door is a Fundamental Part of Overall Home Maintenance

Repainting a Garage Door is a Fundamental Part of Overall Home Maintenance

Despite the best of intentions, it often seems that time runs out on homeowners before they can start/finish all of the outdoor home maintenance projects they had planned for the fall season. Subsequently, any tasks left pending on this list are transferred, at least in theory, to the front of the line for outdoor home maintenance projects next spring.

Whether spring or fall, these are the more suitable seasons for exterior painting than the heat and humidity of summer and, at the risk of understatement, winter should not even enter this conversation. One exterior aspect of the home that responds well to a fresh coat of paint in the spring or fall is the garage door, as the more moderate temperatures of these seasons will allow the paint to dry properly. The principal scheduling challenge for any homeowner might be choosing the precise date to attempt this project, as it will require a stretch of several days without rain in the weather forecast.

Repainting a residential garage door is a fundamental part of overall home maintenance for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Enhancement of curb appeal
  • Extending the life of the garage door
  • Protecting the door from the elements
  • Protecting the door from rust or decay
  • Reducing the probability of costly repairs
  • Matching other colour changes to the home

In terms of the process for repainting their garage doors, Whitby homeowners might find benefit in following these guidelines/suggestions:

  • Sand the face of the door to remove any flaking paint or rust
  • Wash surface with soap and water or a power washer (gently)
  • Lift door slightly; brush/sweep away all dirt/dust along its base
  • Spread a tarp/plastic under the door to catch paint drops/spills
  • Lower the door; tape around the inside edge of the door frame
  • Apply a coat of primer, especially if changing colour of the door
  • Begin with the upper panel; move horizontally across entire section
  • Complete this application section by section, lifting door as required
  • If primer coat was applied, repeat previous two steps to apply paint

Some additional tips to help homeowners in repainting their garage doors would include:

  • Use a primer that is specific for outdoor use and suitable for the door surface
  • Choose a latex-based paint, apply thin layers, and allow each coat to fully dry
  • For multiple coats, alternate between horizontal and vertical brushing or rolling
  • Use a roller for larger, flat surfaces; a small brush for edges or recessed areas
  • Remember to prime/paint the edges per section before moving to the next one
  • Wait until door is fully dry before removing tape (pull tape gently, slowly, evenly)
  • Open door fully to paint door frame – close it only when frame is completely dry

With the appropriate motivation and materials, as well as a sufficient time commitment, residential property owners can revitalize the appeal and condition of their garage doors. Making such an investment in garage door maintenance can pay dividends over the short term with respect to preventing unnecessary repair costs and/or extending the life of the door before a complete replacement is required.

Sometimes, however, based on the age, condition, and style of the garage door, it could be more prudent long-term for homeowners to invest in a new door instead of repainting the existing unit. This may be particularly applicable to upgrading from a non-insulated door to an insulated model or from a higher-maintenance surface to a lower-upkeep one.

Homeowners looking for professional advice in such situations are encouraged to contact an experienced garage door service provider such as Whitby Garage Doors.

Garage Door Maintenance Extends Beyond Caring for the Outer Face of the Door

Repainting a residential garage door can indeed enhance its curb appeal and protect it against weather damage and premature replacement. However, exterior care is just one aspect of overall garage door maintenance. Regardless of the specific composition of the garage door, there are fundamental maintenance practices that are common to all.

Such general garage door maintenance consists of performing the following on a regular basis:

  • Lubricating springs, hinges, latches
  • Tightening all hardware if/as needed
  • Examining tracks for dents and damage
  • Wiping dirt/grime from springs and cables
  • Checking rollers for signs of wear/weakness
  • Inspecting weather stripping for faults or flaw

Homeowners can certainly perform their own garage door inspections and maintenance; however, those in Whitby and the Durham Region who would prefer the experience of a professional service can rely on the skilled technicians from Whitby Garage Doors. The garage door maintenance experts from Whitby Garage Doors can perform inspections and door tune-ups quickly and efficiently and, should an issue be identified, complete the appropriate repairs to avert further damage and unnecessary expense.

For more information on the garage door maintenance and repair services provided by Whitby Garage Doors, please visit our garage door services page.

If you are unsure about the viability of repainting your current garage door or would like a consultation on any other aspect of garage door maintenance, call the specialists at Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to speak with one of our technicians or contact us at [email protected].

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