Garage Door Repair Service is Often All You Need When the Door Will Not Open

Garage Door Repair Service is Often All You Need When the Door Will Not Open

There is a perception that exists within a segment of consumers that, when something is either broken or not working properly, it is often better to just replace it with a new and perhaps improved model rather than having it repaired. The time and inconvenience of arranging for service or sending the item back to the manufacturer, not to mention any associated costs, will frequently lead these consumers to look for an option that is faster and easier – out with the old, in with the new.

While this could be a possible option for certain types of products, it is not necessarily applicable to garage doors. When a garage door no longer opens and closes properly, or not at all, the cause is often readily identifiable and can usually be remedied through a professional garage door repair service such as Whitby Garage Doors.

Indeed, there will be occasions when a complete garage door replacement would be the appropriate course of action. Such situations might include:

  • Age-related issues – rust, rotted wood, warping
  • Structural damage, either accidental or malicious
  • Improving energy efficiency over the existing door
  • Upgrading the aesthetics or curb appeal of the home

But, for the most part, the smooth operation of a garage door and even its appearance can be fully restored without incurring the costs of purchasing and installing an entirely new door. There can be a number of reasons why a garage door may no longer function safely, securely, and/or appropriately – these circumstances can include:

  • Broken garage door springs or cables
  • Loss of tension in the springs and/or cables
  • Weight of the door off-centre or imbalanced
  • Rollers cracked, bent, or shifted out of place
  • Track is misaligned or has sustained damage
  • Garage door opener somehow malfunctioning
  • Window inserts are either cracked or broken
  • Damage to one or two of the individual panels

All of the above issues can be rectified relatively easily and affordably by calling upon a Whitby garage door repair provider like Whitby Garage Doors. A trained technician from will respond promptly to diagnose the primary cause of the failure and recommend the appropriate course of action to restore the operation and/or aesthetics of the door.

Common Reasons Behind the Need for Garage Door Opener Repairs

In much the same way that garage door repair providers can help homeowners avoid the cost of a replacement door, such services may also prevent the need to purchase a new garage door opener when the existing/current model has malfunctioned.

Let’s face it, these mechanical devices are repeatedly called upon to open and close the garage door, often several times in a single day, and this level of use may simply cause an automatic opener to stop working at some point. Issues with the following parts are the most common reasons behind the need for a garage door opener repair service:

  • Wall switches
  • Electrical wiring
  • Drive systems
  • Gears and sprockets
  • Remote controls
  • Receivers
  • Safety sensors
  • Circuit boards
  • Light sockets

Once again, a certified technician from Whitby Garage Doors can identify and remedy the issue quickly and efficiently, thereby extending the life of a garage door opener and avoiding the cost of purchasing an entirely new unit.

For more information on the full scope of garage door repair services offered by Whitby Garage Doors, please visit our Services page.

If your garage door will not open and/or you suspect that your garage door opener has malfunctioned, a repair service may be all that is required rather than buying a new door or opener. Call the garage door repair professionals at Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 or contact us at [email protected] to schedule a visit by a technician at your earliest convenience.

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