There Are Several Viable Reasons to Replace Older-Model Garage Door Openers

There Are Several Viable Reasons to Replace Older-Model Garage Door Openers

People accustomed to modern conveniences can get rather testy when those amenities are not available to them, even on a temporary basis. Ask most homeowners how they react when the power goes out, the air conditioner stops working in mid-July, or access to their internet service is disrupted and their answers may need editing before they can be printed or published.

The same premise holds true for garage door openers; homeowners who have a garage door opener can become rather irritated when they push the button on a remote control and the device fails to respond/operate. In some cases, this is a temporary situation that can be resolved through do-it-yourself means or professional garage door opener repair; other times, though, the better solution might be the purchase of a new device.

But a reactionary reason, a problem, should not be the only reason to replace an existing garage door opener. Similar to many/most other mechanical devices, there have been significant advancements in garage door opener technology over the last several years, to the point where older models may have become limited or close-to-obsolete relative to their overall value to homeowners.

When garage doors openers were developed, their fundamental premise was indeed that of convenience – permitting access to/egress from the garage (and from the home) for the homeowner-family without anyone having to physically lift or lower the garage door. Yet over time, garage door openers have seen their functionality expanded into providing advancements in:

  • Operation
  • Convenience
  • Home security
  • Homeowner safety
  • Protection of property

As a result of their technological advances, newer garage door openers offer a number of reasons why homeowners may want to replace their current models, even though those devices might still be delivering, in a manner of speaking, an acceptable level of service.
Some of the prime influences and considerations for upgrading a door opener would be:

  • Keypad entry
  • Key ring remotes
  • Rolling-code technology
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Smoother/quieter operation
  • Safety reversal mechanisms
  • Activation/control via smartphone
  • Fingerprint-activated wireless keypads
  • Built-in battery back-up (for times of power outages)
  • Lockout feature (prevents operation during absences)

Modern/advanced-technology garage door opener scan certainly deliver substantial value and benefits to homeowner from several perspectives including operation/performance, security, and convenience. A complete line of available options/upgrades is available to homeowners in Oshawa, Ajax, and the Durham Region through the garage door opener repair and installation experts at Whitby Garage Doors.

Expert Garage Door Opener Installation and Testing from Whitby Garage Doors

When homeowners opt to replace their existing garage door opener, a critical part of the overall process will be the proper installation of that new device. This will be particularly important when upgrading from an older/basic model to one that has enhanced wireless technology.

The technicians from Whitby Garage Doors are trained in the installation of all garage door opener models, including the LiftMaster series, acknowledged as a leading brand worldwide for more than 45 years. The Whitby Garage Doors staff can help homeowners in selecting the right garage door opener for their needs, and for the size and weight of their garage door, and then ensure the opener is properly installed.

Once the physical installation is complete, the technicians will test various aspects of the garage door opener’s operation, including:

  • Travel limits for opening and closing
  • Opening and closing force of the door
  • The overall balance of the door weight
  • Safety reversal mechanism/photo eyes
  • Condition of all existing garage door parts

In the case of the existing door parts, actual or potential issues with such components as the springs, cables, rollers, and tracking can adversely affect the smooth operation of a garage door opener and, in some instances, be detrimental to the motor. Should there be any issues identified, Whitby Garage Doors can provide immediate repair service to rectify the situation and protect the homeowner’s investment in the new door opener.

Thinking about installing a new or upgraded garage door opener? Call the garage door installation and repair specialists from Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to schedule a no-obligation consultation on the garage door opener that is right for your specific needs.

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