Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Open

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Will Not Open

Troubleshooting to Assess Whether a Garage Door Repair Technician is Needed

For most mechanical objects that are used on a daily or routine basis, there is a certain level of owner expectation with respect to their performance. It is generally assumed that vehicles will start every time the key is turned in the ignition, that gas lawnmowers will respond every time the starter cord is pulled, and that food will be properly chilled or frozen every time a family member opens the refrigerator or freezer respectively.

So, when a result other than the expected occurs, there could be a feeling of momentary shock and disbelief in discovering that something usually quite reliable has failed; these emotions may often be followed by frustration and even resentment at the subsequent inconvenience caused by this failure.

This same scenario plays out time and again, at home after home, when family members try to open their garage door and, surprise, nothing happens! Their immediate reactions might be to simply repeat the process by either straining harder to lift the door (it must be stuck) or pushing the button on the remote more forcefully (it must be sticking). But there may be any number of reasons why a garage door will not open, including:

    • With a garage door opener
      • Malfunctioning remote (or just dead batteries)
      • Malfunction in the opener drive system or motor
      • Power source disconnected or wiring may be loose
      • Photoelectric eye either blocked or out of alignment
      • Open and close limits for the opener not set properly
      • Door might have been inadvertently left in lock mode
    • With or without a garage door opener

When it comes to troubleshooting these types of issues, some may be readily apparent through a visual inspection, particularly those related to the garage door itself and/or its hardware. Should a mechanical or parts-related problem be identified or suspected, it is strongly advised that a professional garage door repair service, like Whitby Garage Doors, be contacted to confirm and/or rectify the matter. This is due to personal safety concerns linked to installing or readjusting springs and cables placed under high tension.

  • Testing all remotes/replacing all batteries
  • Resetting the power source/checking fuses
  • Examining all wiring for fraying/connectivity
  • Wiping/cleaning dirt from all photo eyes/sensors

Should such actions not correct the situation, it could imply that something much more complex is at play. In these cases, it would again be prudent for homeowners to utilize a certified garage door repair provider such as Whitby Garage Doors to diagnose the issue and recommend an appropriate course of action.

An Annual Tune-Up Can Prevent Unnecessary Garage Door Repair Service Costs

In the same manner that regular maintenance can prolong the life of a furnace or an air conditioner, an annual garage door tune-up will help keep the door in optimal operating condition and extend its lifecycle as well; it can also help the homeowner avoid the need for/costs of unwanted garage door repair service.

There are several steps that homeowners can take to maintain their garage doors in top working condition. These actions include:

  • Brushing/cleaning and inspecting all torsion springs, cables, pulleys, drums
  • Inspecting all hardware and tightening any screws, nuts, bolts as needed
  • Examining tracking for dents/damage that should be repaired or replaced
  • Lubricating rollers (spray not oil) and looking for wear, cracks, misalignment
  • Lubricating the garage door opener drive mechanism (again using a spray)

Homeowners who might be unsure about completing their own garage door tune-up or those with a preference to have this tune-up performed by a certified technician can call on the expert garage door repair service available from Whitby Garage Doors.

If you have been inconvenienced by a garage door that will not open, due to the failure of a garage door opener or a problem with the door mechanism or hardware, call the garage door repair specialists at Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to book a technician as soon as possible.

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