Why Won’t My Garage Door Close Completely on One Side

Why Won’t My Garage Door Close Completely on One Side

What comes to mind when you think about your garage door? Maybe it’s design appeals to you, or you think about the security if provides, or you might think about the garage door opener and how cool it is that the door opens ‘magically’ as you drive up.

No matter what you think, you probably don’t think about ‘springs’. We told you recently about why your garage door springs might be the most important part of your door. We mentioned that the springs are needed to balance the great weight of the door and make it easier to open and close the door. So, without the springs , you might not be able to even open your garage door.

But the springs that are part of your overall garage door system balance the door in two ways. Balancing the weight of the door is the job of the torsion spring or springs, which are mounted along the top edge of the door.

Doors also need to stay evenly balanced in the tracks they roll along. If one side of the door is not in line with the other, the door won’t run smoothly in its tracks and, when closed, one side of the door won’t close completely, leaving an open gap.

Side-mounted extension springs are installed above the horizontal roller tracks on both sides of the door. The extension springs are evenly matched and installed to keep the garage door properly aligned so that it runs smoothly throughout the entire length of the track and closes evenly.

If your door has a gap on one side or the other when it’s closed, the problem is most likely due to a break or other issue with one of the extension springs.

Repairing your garage door springs can be a dangerous job due to the weight of the door. If you suspect you need to adjust one or both of the extension springs on your door, or one or both of the springs are broken, give us a call at 905-665-8668, we’ll have your door running smoothly soon.

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