Replace Broken Garage Door Hinges

Replace Broken Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges are crucial components of your garage door system. They keep the panels securely fastened and allow each section to easily pivot as the door opens and closes. As homeowners might expect, when the hinges are old and worn, they impact the overall functionality and performance of the door. When the door has difficulty cycling properly or steadily, check the condition of your hinges to prevent significant damages later on that could leave you stranded outside of your garage or trapped inside of it.

When you need speedy, dependable garage door hinge replacement, Whitby Garage Doors has the practical local experience and training to perform long-lasting, effective repairs — we even offer same-day services.

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Identifying Problems With Your Garage Door Hinges

The most obvious sign there’s a problem with your garage door is when you notice strained, difficult movement or loud and unusual noises while the door is moving. Hinges are typically the culprit of your garage door problems. Check the quality of your hinges, noting any loose or broken fasteners, deterioration or warping — if the bolts or screws are loose, then the entire hinge needs to be replaced. Also, inspect the garage door panel, looking for stiff movement or if it appears unbalanced.

Hinges are often fairly simple and inexpensive to replace with the proper tools and equipment, but homeowners should be aware that hinge replacement, like any other garage door repair project, can be potentially dangerous due to the weight and tension of the system. The garage door hinges are responsible for supporting the weight of the panels, and incorrect hinge replacement can damage the rollers, tracks and cables and cause further repairs down the road.

Work With Whitby Garage Doors to Replace Broken Garage Door Hinges

Homeowners throughout the Whitby area have relied on the helpful, professional team at Whitby Garage Doors for all of their garage door installation and repair needs for over a decade because of our commitment to quality repairs, top-rated products and established, long-lasting relationships. By working with the team at Whitby Garage Doors for your broken garage door hinge replacement, you can expect:

  • More than 10 years of experience paired with a unique understanding of local resident needs and expectations.
  • Trained and certified garage door repair technicians with experience handling garage door repairs large and small.
  • High-quality tools and equipment to ensure every garage door project is completed properly the first time.
  • Same-day service availability to minimize hassle and quickly restore your garage door to like-new condition.
  • Detailed, free service estimates with competitive pricing options.

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Never be without a dependable, safe garage door — with Whitby Garage Doors you’re assured comprehensive, fast and knowledgable garage door repair and installation services. We provide effective and efficient garage door services for homeowners throughout the Whitby, Ontario, area including the Ajax, Bowmanville, Cobourg, Newcastle, Oshawa, Port Hope, Port Perry and Uxbridge communities.

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