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When you need garage door work done on your home in Ajax, be sure to come to Whitby Garage Doors. Many of us don’t realize how important our garage doors are until they stop working. To avoid anything from an inconvenience to a safety concern to lost energy efficiency, you’ll want to fix your door as soon as possible if it does break.

Garage door mechanisms are surprisingly complex, with many important components. When any part of your door stops working, the entire system could stop working until it’s fixed. At Whitby Garage Doors, we have the skills and experience to complete any type of garage door service you need.

Garage Door Installation With an Emphasis on Cost-Efficiency

Whether you’re making design decisions and seeking doors that look good while staying within a budget or need to replace old garage doors, Whitby Garage Doors can help you find the perfect look and functionality for your home and professionally install your new garage door. We work with the best brands on the market, ensuring a great selection and a long-lasting quality that you can rely on for many years to come.

We’ll be there through every step. While helping you find the right garage door that best fits your needs and completing the installation, we’ll also answer any of your questions and give you total transparency. Our doors themselves are cost-effective solutions, and they’ll save you even more in energy costs and heating, insulating one of the main points of entry on your home.

When any work is done on your home, you want to know exactly what’s going on and how much it will cost. Whitby Garage Doors is the trusted local expert that you can trust for transparent pricing and cost-effective installation.


Garage Door Repair and Replacement in Ajax

We use our garage doors every day, and usually more than once. With so much use comes wear and tear, which really adds up over time. Whether you need a simple fix or a part entirely replaced, Whitby Garage Doors will be there to get your garage door back in working order.

When we can, our goal is to fix the problem with the current parts of your garage door mechanism, avoiding replacement. However, if the break was more serious, we may need to replace parts. We can fix any brand of garage door — whatever the problem is, we’ll find the cause, recommend the best solution and finish the job. Call us for garage door repair in Ajax today.

Ajax Garage Door Opener Service

Your garage door opener gives your door an extra level of convenience and safety. From opening the door remotely to having a backup to get into your home to keeping your car out of inclement weather, your opener does it all.

At Whitby Garage Doors, we understand all the different types of garage door openers available. We’ll help you look through all of your options so that you make the best decision for your home. Even if your opener starts having problems down the road, we’ll be there to make it right again.

Choose Whitby Garage Doors for Affordable, Quality Service in Ajax

When you need garage door maintenance, installation or repair in Ajax that won’t break your budget, choose Whitby Garage Doors. Our entire team is made up of full-time employees who are experienced, knowledgeable and love what they do. Contact us to learn more and schedule your garage door service in Ajax with us.

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