Garage Door Inspirations

Garage Door Inspirations

Many Aspects to Consider When Replacing or Upgrading Your Garage Doors

Before investing their money in a major renovation project, homeowners will often invest time and energy in researching various designs, products, suppliers and/or contractors in order to initially generate ideas then make an informed decision on how best to proceed. After all, home upgrades such a new kitchen, an in-ground pool, or a finished basement are intended to be long-lasting, so they need to meet high standards in terms of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

The same process should hold true when homeowners need or want to change the look of their garage doors. While some might at first disagree, it is important to keep in mind that a garage door can represent as much as 30-35% of the front face of a home, hence playing a significant role in providing curb appeal as well as influencing property values. Coupled with the fact that a garage door needs to deliver dependable functionality on a regular/daily basis for an extended period of time, it becomes apparent that time/energy invested in its purchase should parallel that dedicated to other major home renovations.

When looking to purchase new garage doors, homeowners should take several factors or aspects into consideration. These will include:

  • Type of door
  • Choice of material
  • Door design or style
  • Specific needs/preferences

Looking at each of these factors in more depth may help to inspire or stimulate ideas for homeowners as they investigate and decide on the garage doors that are best suited for their Whitby home.

Types of Garage Doors

  • Swing-up – one-piece doors that open in canopy format or fully retracted into garage
  • Swing-out – side-hinged two-piece doors (an option when overhead space is limited)
  • Sectional – multiple panels; smooth roll-up operation along vertical/horizontal tracks
  • Slide-to-the-side – either one-piece or two panels; doors open in horizontal direction

Choice of Garage Door Material

  • Wood – beauty and craftsmanship contrasted against high maintenance
  • Steel – lower maintenance but could be subject to rust, scratches, dents
  • Aluminum – light-weight, rugged, and rust-resistant – also more expensive
  • Glass Panel – tempered panes in highly-durable aluminum frames – very chic
  • Wood Composite – a wood look with less maintenance, better energy efficiency

Garage Door Design/Style

  • Classic – a traditional look, ideal for older homes
  • Contemporary – more modern, sophisticated designs
  • Carriage House – a bygone-era look with modern functionality
  • Custom-Designed – patterns/décor appealing to homeowner tastes

Personal Needs/Preferences

  • Colour – compatibility with exterior of the home
  • Door maintenance – how much and how frequent?
  • Primary use of garage – window inserts to permit natural light?
  • Degree of insulation – for energy efficiency and noise reduction

There are indeed a vast number of factors that can inspire/motivate homeowners when choosing their new garage doors. Whitby homeowners looking for additional information on various options or specific types of doors are encouraged to call on the professional knowledge and insight of experienced garage door installers, such as the team at Whitby Garage Doors.

Learn About the Styles and Models of Garage Doors Best Suited for Your Home

Whitby Garage Doors carries and installs an extensive selection of garage doors from all leading North American manufacturers such as Clopay, Steel-Craft, and Wayne Dalton to name just a few. This affords Whitby-area homeowners access to a centralized resource with comprehensive knowledge on available garage door options relative to:

  • Manner of operation
  • Materials and maintenance
  • Insulation/energy efficiency
  • Range of styles (curb appeal)
  • Pricing, accessories, and more

Searching for a new garage door to upgrade the look and appeal of your Whitby home? The team from Whitby Garage Doors can help you make an informed decision about this important investment. Call the experts at Whitby Garage Doors at (905) 441-1512 to book a no-obligation consultation today!

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