How to Pick a Garage Door Colour

How to Pick a Garage Door Colour

Choosing a colour for your garage door is an excellent opportunity to enhance your property’s curb appeal. This selection process can be exciting for new homeowners and those who are replacing their current garage doors and looking for ways to increase their property’s visual aesthetics. 

With an endless selection of colours, you may wonder how to select the correct tones for your garage door. What colour you should paint your garage door depends on the exterior colour of your home, the roof, front door and shutters. Consider the following tips to find the best colour palette for your garage door. 

Consider Your Home’s Exterior Colours

If you want your garage door to enhance your home’s exterior, consider choosing a colour that coordinates with other outdoor elements. Depending on your home’s colour palette, you can begin exploring the colour wheel to pick potential matches that fit your visual aesthetic. 

As you browse your options, think of your garage door as a blank canvas to create more vibrant colours for the rest of your home. For this reason, your garage door should rarely contain brighter colours than your home’s exterior unless your house is white or black. 

Consider the following garage door colours based on your current exterior tone.

  • White or black: These classic colours allow you to explore a more comprehensive selection. If you want an elegant or minimalistic style for your home, black, white, gray and brown garage doors are the best choice. Yellow and orange garage doors can provide a cozy ambiance to your home. Rustic reds and browns can add warm tones to your exterior if you live in a sunnier climate. For a vibrant finish to your home, green, blue and purple can provide bright elements to your exterior. 
  • Warm tones: If your home’s exterior has warm tones — red, orange, yellow, beige or brown — you have a few selections to make your house stand out. Stay consistent with your current exterior hues by painting your garage door light or dark brown, tan or white. You can also play it safe by achieving a monochromatic look, where your garage door and exterior elements share the same colour. This simple choice creates a consistent design throughout your house.
  • Cool tones: If your home’s exterior has cool tones — blue, green or gray — you have a few options for enhancing these calming colours. Cool tones match neutral and other relaxing colours best. Most homeowners choose black, white, faded blue, light green, gray or a subtle beige colour for their garage doors. 
  • Brick and stone: Since brick and stone exteriors include orange, brown and red hues, we advise sticking to neutral colours for your garage doors. Brick and stone use gorgeous colours and textures to bring your home to life. With this added personality, neutral colours such as white, gray or beige can make your exterior stand out even more. Brick or stone houses with black garage doors are a sophisticated choice for those who enjoy a luxurious spin on their home’s style. 

Trending Colours

In recent years, homeowners have begun exploring earth tones for their homes to create a balance between the surrounding nature and their exterior colours. This colour palette provides a modern twist on early 1970s home decor that captures that classic, calm ambiance.

You can incorporate earth tones — faded brown, green, yellow, gray, beige or pink — into your home’s exterior by using one of these colours as a base for your garage door. These tones pair well with muted colours or white sidings, so your home can capture a relaxing feel from the colour palette alone. 

Another trend that takes on the opposite effect of earth tones is using minimalistic, vibrant colours. This look uses neutral shades such as white, gray or black and adds a hint of rich colour to the garage door trim to gain subtle visual appeal without the colours taking over the entire exterior. If you enjoy having your home stand out, consider using bright purple, blue, orange, red or green around your garage door’s trim or windows. 

Understanding the Ambiance You Want for Your Home

With a simple paint job on your garage door, you can completely transform your home’s style to fit your visual aesthetic. If you currently reside in a colonial, coastal, farmhouse, Cape Cod, Mediterranean or traditional-style home, your choice of garage door colours can either enhance the current aesthetic or change the feel of the house. 

  • Sophisticated colours: To create a refined aesthetic for your home’s exterior, consider painting your garage door black, white, brown or gray. These neutral, bold tones create an unmistakable modern elegance for your property. 
  • Relaxed colours: If you incorporate calming shades in your home’s exterior, you can paint your garage door faded colours that you would see in nature. Blues, greens, yellows and oranges match the sky and plants, creating a relaxing atmosphere for you and your neighbors to admire. 
  • Bold colours: If you like to stand out among the rest, bold colours are your go-to style choice for your garage door. You can benefit from bright hues of any rainbow colour to create higher energy for your home’s exterior. Many homeowners choose a vibrant red, green or blue to match their siding.

Modern Garage Styles

In the past few years, homeowners have begun admiring modern takes on their homes’ exteriors. Contemporary styles consist of neutral colours like beige, black, white and brown, paired with sleek finishes to make the property stand out. With this aesthetic, less is more. When painting your garage door, you can even experiment with negative space to enhance specific design elements of your home’s exterior for an artistic approach. To accomplish this, you can install black garage doors. 

Homes with black garage doors are becoming increasingly popular among those who strive to achieve a modern-style property. Modern-style homes also use clean lines and faux natural materials as design elements to create a consistent minimalistic, sleek look. 

You can choose a modern wood or steel garage door with unique gray, brown, white and black colours to create a stylish finish for your home’s exterior. This simple choice is ideal for homeowners who embrace modern minimalist aesthetics for a timeless ambiance. 

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