4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring – Part 1

4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring – Part 1

You do it for your car, so why not for your garage door and garage door opener? Every spring, you start thinking about taking the car in for a tuneup, rotate the tires, oil and lube, check the brakes, and anything else needed to keep it running safely and smoothly.

What most people don’t realize is that their garage door can benefit from some of the same TLC. And you don’t even have to drive it to your mechanic’s shop. A spring tuneup for your garage door and opener helps to keep it running smoothly for longer, helps you avoid costly repairs, and most importantly, helps keep the largest and heaviest moving object in your home working safely.

How to Do a Garage Door & Door Opener Tuneup

Here are a few of the things you can do to make sure your garage door and door opener are all working well for the summer.

1.Inspect the Door and Opener

Check that all the moving parts of your door and opener work properly.

2.The Door

After disconnecting the door from the opener, opening and closing it by hand should be a relatively easy, smooth operation.

3.Door Hinges

Inspect the hinges between the door panels for signs of corrosion and/or damage.

4.Door Rollers

The rollers on the side of the door should run smoothly and evenly along the entire roller track.

5.Springs & Cables

Check the cables and springs that help balance your door for signs of rust, fraying and over-extension.

6.Inspect the Gear on the Garage Door Opener

If you see signs that the gear is slowly being stripped of its teeth, it might be worth having it replaced before you are caught at the worst time with a garage door that can’t open or close.

In Part 2 of 4 Tips to Tuneup Your Garage Door this Spring, we’ll talk about how to make sure the door’s safety systems and seals are in good shape and also how to lubricate the garage door.

Until then, if you spot anything that doesn’t seem right, or you need any other help or garage door services, call us at 905-665-8668.

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