Why It’s a Good Idea to Keep Your Garage Door Closed

Why It’s a Good Idea to Keep Your Garage Door Closed

In a way, there’s only two times when you would keep your garage door open: when the engine’s on in the car and when you’re working in and around the garage. Otherwise, it’s best to keep your garage door closed.

Of course, it’s your home and you could leave your garage door open for as long as you like. But the more you do the more risk you face.

Even idling vehicles left unattended to warm up in an open garage are a temptation that a car thief can’t resist.

But having your car stolen, whether it’s idling or not is just one of the risks of not keeping your garage door closed. Here are a few more:

Home Invasion

One of the most common points of entry into a home for burglars is through the garage. Interestingly, many homeowners don’t lock the entry door that leads from the garage to their home. If the garage door is open, that means there is nothing stopping anyone from walking in. Even if you’re home, an open garage door gives thieves an idea of the layout of the garage and where the door to your home is located.

Wild Life

Racoons, squirrels and any other outdoor critter loves to find a nice cozy place to call home. An open garage door is an invitation for them to move in.

Messy Garage

Anything blowing around outside, like leaves and debris, ends up blowing into your garage when the door is open. If you think your garage is messy already, just leave the door open when there are lots of leaves outside.

The Security of Everything in the Garage

Garages tend to be one of those places that you put things for convenience or you have no other place in your home for them. Things like your golf clubs, power tools and recreational equipment. Expensive things that you wouldn’t want to lose.

Your garage doors are like a first layer of security for your home. If that first layer is wide open, all the other layers are easier to get through.

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