What To Do When Your Garage Door Has a Broken Panel

What To Do When Your Garage Door Has a Broken Panel

Removing & Replacing Broken Garage Door Panel

It would be safe to say that very few products will actually last forever, despite the best efforts of the manufacturer or the quality of the material. Some construction can indeed endure for centuries, such as Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids, but unfortunately, a homeowner cannot expect any such longevity from their appliances, furnishings, or other amenities.

With this reality in mind, consumers still retain certain expectations about durability and performance whenever they invest their hard-earned money in any type of merchandise or product. Regardless of the item or the amount invested, people simply want value in return, and will often take whatever steps they deem necessary to protect or extend the lifespans of their purchases – vehicles, swimming pools, furnaces, and valuables are just a few of the items that come to mind.

A parallel mindset can also be applied to a homeowner’s investment in their garage door. Due to its constant exposure to the elements, as well as its repetitive use, a garage door can be subjected to wear-and-tear; yet with regular and timely maintenance and repair, its longevity can be prolonged, and thereby continue to deliver its return on investment.

One of the common needs for garage door repair stems from damaged or broken panels. Regardless of their composition, there are several reasons why garage door panels can warp or sustain cracks, dents, or holes – these would include:

  • General aging and deterioration of the door
  • Parts failures – broken springs, cables, hinges
  • Lack of maintenance (especially wooden doors)
  • Quality of the material; quality of door installation
  • Amount of direct exposure to the sun/the elements
  • Impact damage, as a result of encounters with:
    • Family members
    • Vehicles, bicycles
    • Wind-blown debris
    • Hockey pucks, baseballs
    • Power tools, step ladders, etc.

Fortunately, the majority of such damage can be repaired without the need to invest in an entirely new garage door. Through the expert repair services offered by the team at Whitby Garage Doors, broken or otherwise compromised garage door panels can usually be removed and replaced right on the premises.

It should be noted, however, that the age and style of the garage door could complicate matters somewhat, especially in relation to matching the exact colour of any new panels to that of the original door. In such cases, it would essentially mean that the entire door might need to be repainted or re-stained, hence indirectly adding to the ultimate cost of the repair for the homeowner.

Include a Full Garage Door Inspection When Repairing Damaged Door Panels

Although the removal and replacement of broken or damaged garage door panels can be a relatively straightforward process, it will also require the removal and reinstallation of the garage door springs. The springs are designed to operate under high tension, which in turn should be taken out of the equation, so to speak, for reasons of technician safety and to facilitate the overall repair process (the door must be in the down/closed position while the work is being completed).

As noted above, a faulty spring could be the root cause of a broken or damaged garage door panel, and as a result, both issues would need to be addressed. Because the repair technician will already be on site, it might be prudent to also include a full garage door inspection as part of the overall service call.

This would permit a complete assessment of the condition and operation of the door and determine whether any other damage has occurred. It would also allow the technician to recommend and/or perform any additional repairs or preventative maintenance to further extend the lifecycle of the door.

A garage door inspection by Whitby Garage Doors will assess the state of the following:

  • Springs
  • Hardware
  • Cables/Pulleys
  • Tracking/Rollers
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Weather Stripping
  • Garage Door Opener

For further information on the garage door repair and maintenance services provided by Whitby Garage Doors, including the replacement of broken/damaged garage door panels and complete garage door inspections, visit our Services Page.

If your garage door has any broken or compromised panels and is in need of professional repair services, call the experts at Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to request a no-obligation consultation and quote.

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