The Future of Garage Doors

The Future of Garage Doors

What is the future of garage doors and the garage | Whitby Garage Doors

While our memories can fade, it seems like throughout the 20th century and so far in the 21st, just about the only thing that changed in garages was the addition of garage door openers.

Sure, garage doors changed in that they are now built with more durable materials and they’re insulated. We also started using the garage to store anything except our cars. But, generally speaking, you’d probably not find too much really different about your grandfather’s garage compared to yours.

That’s all about to change if it hasn’t started already.

Here are just a few ways your garage will be different sooner than later.

1. It Will Be Your Fueling Station

Maybe you’re committed to gas engines and won’t give them up until the last one sputters out. In any case, the move towards alternative-fuel vehicles, particularly electric cars, is underway and nothing appears to be stopping it. Instead of hitting the gas pumps on the corner, you’ll be ‘filling up’ in the garage.

2. Part of Your Connected Home

This is the ‘future’ that has the most chance of being in your presence. For at least five years now, LiftMaster has offered its MyQ™ technology to monitor and operate many of its garage door openers remotely on your smartphone. As everything else in your home comes online, from your refrigerator to your lights, your garage door is right there with them.

3. More Living Space

If the idea of an electric car still seems distant to you, the idea of no personal cars at all might seem unimaginable. Never-the-less, autonomous cars open up the possibility that, instead of owning your own vehicles, you’ll simply call for a car when needed and one will show up at the front door in a few minutes. Without the need to park your car there, the garage can become a huge addition to the living space of your home.

If the future is quite here yet, you can call Whitby Garage Door at 905-665-8668 if you need a new garage door, or maintenance and repairs to the old one, until it gets there.

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