Award-Winning Garage Door Repair Company Expands its Service to Whitby

Award-Winning Garage Door Repair Company Expands its Service to Whitby

There are contractors who might take a few liberties within their advertising when they state that they are the top ranked provider in their specific trade or geographical market. In actual fact, when consumers listen more closely to these ads, they may quickly come to realize that those contractors are merely emphasizing aspects of their business that are either non-essential services or elements that cannot be quantified.

The fact that someone uses better quality paint does not make them a good painter, nor does staying open later make a restaurant the best place in town to have a meal. What consumers want most in return for their money is quality workmanship and exceptional customer service – workmanship that they can see and service that makes them feel like they are the most important customer on the planet.

When the workmanship and customer service in question relate to garage door repair, the team from Markham Garage Doors has certainly earned its reputation as the number one garage door repair service in Toronto and the GTA. And this is not just an empty or unsubstantiated claim – the company was recognized as the HomeStars Best of 2012 Toronto Awards recipient for Garage Doors and Hardware. HomeStars is a free online feedback service that assists consumers in finding reputable contractors and suppliers in a number of different trades or markets based on written commentary from previous customers who have used their services.

To read some of the actual customer feedback and testimonials written about Markham Garage Doors, please visit: Home Stars or our Google+ Page.

Perhaps equally impressive is the fact that Markham Garage Doors was established less than 10 years ago, so it has developed this reputation rather quickly. Now, this award-winning customer service is available on a full-time basis to residents and businesses in Durham Region with the recent launch of Whitby Garage Doors, a division of Markham Garage Doors.

Although residents of Whitby and Durham Region have been able to access this level of customer service through Markham Garage Doors for many years, the company now has a dedicated service technician who resides in the region and will be the primary contact moving forward for any and all garage door repair service from Whitby Garage Doors.

A Garage Door Repair Service Dedicated to Exceptional Customer Service

If it were not for customers, there would be no need for customer service. And when a customer contacts a garage door repair service provider, they are likely not looking for an update on the weekend weather or inquiring about the score of last night’s game. They have a need for garage door repair and they would like it addressed expertly and quickly to minimize any inconvenience/disruption for themselves and/or their family.

To that end, the staffs of Markham Garage Doors and Whitby Garage Doors exhibit an attitude to customer service that accentuates many of the key aspects that consumers expect when they need to hire a contractor. This customer-focused approach includes:

  • Immediate response to messages/contact
  • Written and detailed no-obligation estimates
  • Convenience – estimates in person or by phone
  • Knowledge/experience with all types of garage doors
  • The use of top quality products and parts
  • Punctuality with scheduled service calls
  • Emergency repair service available
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing

On any given day, anywhere from two to 10 Markham Garage Doors trucks can be seen on calls throughout Toronto and the GTA, providing customers with their award-winning garage door repair service. Through its mobile van service, Whitby Garage Doors will now be equally visible to residential and commercial property owners in Durham Region.

For more information on the dedication to customer service from Markham Garage Doors and Whitby Garage Doors, view our YouTube video.

To learn more about the award-winning garage door repair service now available in Durham Region from Whitby Garage Doors, view our garage door services.

For your garage door repair needs in Whitby and Durham Region, call the dedicated technician from Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to book your no-obligation consultation. We look forward to meeting you!

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