Turning Your Garage into Your Winter Storage Unit

Turning Your Garage into Your Winter Storage Unit

We can’t remember a quicker switch from record-high summer-like temperatures, to single-digit chill factors than what we just went though in Whitby. One weekend it was lazing by the pool and the next weekend, well, you needed a warm jacket to do any outdoor lazing.

For homeowners the quick switch from summer to winter brings on the sudden realization that you’ll soon need to put away all your summer furniture and equipment. And your garage is the likely storage spot.

The only problem is that, every fall, there seems to be less space in the garage than when you took the stuff out in the spring.

But by putting an action plan into place (don’t you love action plans!), not only will you have lots of place to store your summer stuff for the winter, but you just might end up with a cleaner, more organized garage.

1. Determine What You Need to Store

One of the problems with getting everything into the garage is not knowing how much you need to store before you start. Every time you think you’re done, there’s another umbrella to find a spot for. Take a look at and count all your garden furniture, accessories and toys, etc., so you know how much you need.

Now is also a good time to clean your furniture, tools and equipment and prepare your gas-powered equipment for winter storage.

2. Prepare the Garage

The first step is to recycle anything you can to free-up as much space as possible. Then clean, organize and plan the space for all the things you know you’ll need to store.

3. Check Your Garage Door

With so many things now, or soon to be, in your garage, keeping it secure is more important. In addition to checking your garage door opener and security systems, fall is also a great time to practice some preventative maintenance on your garage door.

Remember this when you’re loading everything into your garage. You’ll be taking it all out again in only four or five short months!

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