The Most Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Need Replacing

The Most Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door May Need Replacing

When Garage Door Replacement is a More Cost-Effective Option than Repairs

Despite their size or cost, and notwithstanding the amount of care and maintenance they receive, any devices or pieces of equipment that are used routinely and repeatedly will simply not last forever. Just ask anyone who has ever purchased anything from a home appliance to a vehicle and they can likely chronicle how long they owned the item before its performance began to decline and ultimately failed completely.

Under these circumstances, and often in direct proportion to the size of the investment, these owners would at first likely pursue the repair route; this would certainly be the less expensive option and it can result in extending the lifespan of their purchase. Eventually however, the cost of repairs might outweigh the benefits of any prolonged performance, to the point when it becomes a situation of throwing good money after bad; hence from a financial perspective alone, it would be a more prudent decision to replace the faulty or defective item entirely.

This model also applies to garage doors. In most cases, professional repair services like those provided by Whitby Garage Doors, will be sufficient to return a garage door to its optimal working condition, thus extending the door’s lifecycle and saving the homeowner the cost of replacement. Unfortunately, as in the case of an appliance, a vehicle, or any other type of device/equipment, there will be times when garage door replacement may be the better course of action.

Some of the more common reasons why a garage door might need replacing include:

  • Residual damage from a broken spring/snapped cables
  • Panel damage such as rotting, corrosion, dents, or holes
  • Splintering or cracks around the perimeter (wooden doors)
  • Age, wear-and-tear, and/or lack of maintenance or neglect
  • Shaking or banging sounds while the garage door is in motion
  • Door is bent/warped and does not open/close smoothly or fully

To determine whether their garage door needs repair or replacement, homeowners in Durham Region can rely on the expertise of Whitby Garage Doors. The technicians from Whitby Garage Doors are trained and experienced in assessing any immediate issues in relation to the age/overall condition of a garage door; based on this inspection, they will be able to recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective course of action.

Replacing Garage Doors Offers Numerous Benefits to Durham Region Residents

As suggested above, the time for replacing a garage door might be dictated by the door itself, i.e. by its age, condition, and/or diminished performance. At other times however, the decision in favour of a garage door replacement may be the result of personal choice rather than necessity.

Many different factors can influence Whitby and Durham Region homeowners to replace their current garage door – these would include changes in such dynamics as:

  • Modern styles
  • Contemporary colours
  • Technological advancements

In turn, choosing to replace a garage door at their own discretion could provide area homeowners with one or more of the following benefits:

  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Less maintenance time/costs
  • Increased property/resale value
  • Improved home security measures
  • More efficient street-noise reduction
  • Compatibility with newer door openers
  • Potential discount on home insurance rates

Regardless of the reason or reasons, when Durham Region homeowners opt to replace their current garage door they are also making a substantial investment in their home as well as their lifestyle and personal safety. To help achieve the maximum return on their investment, they will need and want the installation of the new door to be completed in a most professional manner; to this end, they can count on the team from Whitby Garage Doors.

Whitby Garage Doors distributes and installs a wide range of garage door styles from all of the leading manufacturers, allowing homeowners to find the right garage door that suits their needs and budget. And the skilled technicians from Whitby Garage Doors will ensure that the new door is properly installed, so that its appearance and benefits can be enjoyed both immediately and well into the future.

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