Springtime Garage Cleaning and Garage Door Maintenance

Springtime Garage Cleaning and Garage Door Maintenance

Be Sure to Inspect the Garage Door When Cleaning Out the Garage this Spring

The return of spring warmth and sunshine are indeed welcome sights after another cold and seemingly endless winter. After several months of pseudo-hibernation, neighbours can once again be seen working about their properties, raking the lawn, removing patio furniture from the shed, and detailing the interiors of their vehicles.

Another ritual of spring for many homeowners is cleaning out their garage; it is amazing just how much dirt, dust, film, and grit can accumulate in a garage over the winter, even if that space is accessed much less frequently during those months than in the warmer seasons. And when all of the garage contents have been removed and spread over the driveway and lawn, there will often be a quick-witted passerby who stops and asks what time the garage sale will be starting.

Once everything (most everything) has in fact been taken out of garage, the cleaning process can actually be completed, and there is an odd sense of satisfaction in knowing that all of the possessions will be returned to a freshly-swept environment, even though they may all end up in the same spot from whence they came. Before this replacement ritual takes place however, it may benefit the homeowner to invest the time in a garage door inspection.

Winter can be particularly harsh on a garage door and its parts, regardless of the actual amount of snow and ice that fell/accumulated during that time of year; therefore, having the garage emptied out for cleaning purposes offers an excellent opportunity for a door inspection and, if necessary, any maintenance or repairs that may be needed to restore its optimal performance.

A thorough garage door inspection should take into consideration the overall state of the door itself, its general operation (smooth or bumpy? quiet or noisy?), and an assessment of the condition and/or performance of these components:

  • Cables
  • Springs
  • Hardware
  • Tracks/Rollers
  • Window Inserts
  • Weather Stripping
  • Garage Door Opener

Based on the findings of such a self-inspection, a homeowner might take one or more of these steps to better the operation/performance of their garage door and prolong its life:

  • Tighten all hardware
  • Wipe/lubricate all moving parts
  • Replace tattered weather stripping
  • Prepare/ready the door for re-finishing
  • Test all garage door opener safety features

Conversely, for those homeowners in Durham Region who might be less confident and/or less inclined to perform their own garage door inspections and subsequent maintenance, they have the option of contracting the expertise of a reputable and reliable garage door service company such as Whitby Garage Doors.

Some Garage Door Maintenance Issues Will Need a Professional Repair Service

In some cases, garage door inspections and maintenance by a homeowner could uncover more severe or potentially dangerous damage that will likely require professional repair services. Some examples would consist of:

  • Frayed cables
  • Loose or bent springs
  • Jammed or misaligned door
  • Damaged, rotted, or rusted panels
  • Peculiar sounds when door is in motion
  • Peculiar sounds when door opener is in use

When such garage door repair work is needed, Whitby and area homeowners can rely on the award-winning services provided by the skilled technicians of Whitby Garage Doors. These services include but are not limited to addressing:

For additional information on the garage door maintenance and repair services provided by the experts from Whitby Garage Doors, see our Services page.

For all your garage door inspection, repair, or maintenance needs, rely on the specialists from Whitby Garage Doors. Call Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to arrange a service visit at your first convenience.

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