Some Best Practice Tips for Garage Door Safety Month in June

Some Best Practice Tips for Garage Door Safety Month in June

Use Garage Door Safety Month to Set the Standard for Year-Round Responsibility

With the return of spring weather, many homeowners can be seen and heard working about their properties in an effort to refresh/revitalize their lawns, gardens, and landscaping after a long and cold winter. As well, there are the sights and sounds of children riding bicycles, people playing basketball in the driveway, and car enthusiasts detailing their vehicles.

Yes, the springtime certainly stimulates a plethora of outdoor activities. And many of these activities actually revolve around the garage, for it is here that homeowners often begin and end their time spent outside; the garage offers a convenient pathway to and from the home as well as the capacity to store and access tools, equipment, sports gear, cleaning supplies, building supplies, and … well the list goes on.

All of this traffic, so to speak, means that garage door use becomes much more frequent at this time of year, and with schools about to be dismissed for the summer month, that usage will probably increase. This confluence of seasons is one reason why the month of June has been chosen as Garage Door Safety Month; another rather important reason is to heighten awareness to the types of garage door-related injuries that can be prevented via education and attention to safety whenever homeowners and their families enter or exit their garage.

Here are some practical tips for garage door safety, in June, and at all times of the year:

  • Do not allow children to use the remote control as a toy
  • Ensure that children cannot reach the door opener button
  • Avoiding leaving the garage door in a partly-open position
  • Test the safety/auto-reverse mechanism of the door opener
  • Keep fingers away from section joints when door is in motion
  • Stand clear of tracking and rollers when the door is in motion
  • Do not attempt to repair or replace broken door springs/cables
  • Refrain from entering/exiting the garage while the door is closing
  • Be on hand to supervise children whenever they operate the door
  • Do a complete garage door inspection and any maintenance/repairs

The garage door may in fact be the largest moving part of a home; it also has a substantial amount of weight which can in turn generate significant force when in the process of closing or opening. As a result, when a garage door comes into contact with someone or something that should not be in its way, the outcome can be dire for that person or object.

Practicing good garage door safety should be an ongoing part of protecting your family from risk or injury; a heightened awareness beginning in the month of June, in line with Garage Door Safety Month, can soon become the standard for year-round use of the garage door by all members of the family.

Good Garage Door Safety Begins with a Comprehensive Garage Door Inspection

Further to educating family members on the importance of practicing garage door safety, it is incumbent on homeowners to ensure that their overhead door is kept in good repair and good working order. This means taking the preventative measures of performing regular inspections and attending to any repair or routine maintenance needs.

Garage doors are not immune to wear-and-tear, regardless of how often they are opened or closed or whether this is done manually or by use of an automatic door opener. Add to this their constant exposure to the elements and the factors are in place to affect both physical condition and optimal performance.

Hence, when safety, performance, and longevity are taken into consideration, homeowners in the Durham Region would be well-advised to contract a professional garage door service provider like Whitby Garage Doors to conduct a complete garage door inspection as soon as possible and ensure that the door is in fact in good repair and optimal working condition.

The skilled technicians from Whitby Garage Doors will systematically and comprehensively perform a garage door inspection to assess whether any of the following components are in need of maintenance or repair:

  • Spring and cables
  • Drums and pulleys
  • Tracking and rollers
  • Door panels and hardware
  • Insulation and weather stripping
  • Garage door opener and accessories

Based on the results of the inspection, the Whitby Garage Doors technicians can quickly and efficiently address any identified problems that may be negatively affecting the garage door itself and/or its safe operation.

For further information on the garage door inspection and repair services available from the specialists at Whitby Garage Doors, please go to our Services page.

The designation of June as Garage Door Safety Month should be the impetus for good safety practices on a daily basis. Kick off this heightened awareness by scheduling a garage door inspection by the experts from Whitby Garage Doors. Contact Whitby Garage Doors today at 905-441-1512 or [email protected] to schedule your inspection as soon as possible.

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