Signs That Your Garage Door May Need a Tune-Up

Signs That Your Garage Door May Need a Tune-Up

A Garage Door Tune-Up Can Prevent Unnecessary Damage and Costly Repairs

The vast majority of vehicle owners pay particular attention to the maintenance schedule for their car/truck. Oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and belt replacements are done at milestone dates or distances traveled as suggested by the vehicle manufacturer; and if these owners suspect, feel, or hear that something seems amiss under the hood, they will act swiftly to book a service appointment with a licensed mechanic.

From all angles, this responsibility for vehicle care makes sense; a car/truck represents a significant financial investment, and routine servicing/tune-ups play an important role in protecting and extending the life of that asset. Furthermore, proper vehicle maintenance can also contribute to driver safety, for the vehicle owner and those who share the road.

But for vehicle owners who are also homeowners, why is this degree of maintenance and care not routinely or even automatically extended to the garage door? In fact, many of these same homeowners pay very little heed to their garage door until something goes awry and a service call becomes a necessity.

Though some have described a garage door as a large object or wall that just moves up and down, it too should be considered a major investment, in parallel fashion to a truck or car, and this door should therefore be given its due attention in order to:

  • Prolong/extend its lifecycle
  • Maintain optimal performance
  • Ensure homeowner safety/security

Similar to a vehicle owner having suspicions that something is not right with their motor, there are several signs that are indicative of a garage door in need of a tune-up; these might include:

  • Unusual or peculiar sounds/noises when the door is in motion
  • Resistance or heaviness felt when trying to open door manually
  • Door bumps and bangs rather than moving up or down smoothly
  • Door falls heavily or even bounces off the floor when it is lowered
  • Rollers vibrate, jam, stick, or slip as they move within their tracks
  • Door opener makes straining noise/struggles as door opens or closes
  • Door does not raise or lower symmetrically/equivalently on both sides

When homeowners become aware of one or more of the above circumstances, it would be prudent to call upon a garage door services provider like Whitby Garage Doors. The trained technicians from Whitby Garage Doors can readily identify the source of the issue or problem, and complete any maintenance or repairs necessary to rectify the situation.

Additionally, Whitby Garage Doors can perform an overall garage door tune-up to ensure that the door and its parts are all in optimal working order. By investing in these types of garage door services, homeowners can also prevent unnecessary damage to the door and likely expensive repairs or even door replacement costs.

Our Professional Garage Door Services Include a Comprehensive Door Tune-Up

When garage door maintenance is neglected or only performed on an infrequent basis, it can have serious repercussions beyond the inconvenience of a malfunctioning door or a faulty automatic door opener. There are also factors relative to personal safety, family security, contents protection, and unexpected expenses that can and will come into play.

Homeowners can alleviate most/all of these concerns by engaging Whitby Garage Doors to perform a garage door tune-up on an annual, if not semi-annual schedule – much like the regular service schedule that is recommended for a new vehicle. When performing a garage door tune-up, Whitby Garage Doors technicians will address the following:

  • Inspecting and tightening all hardware if/as required
  • Studying the door panels for signs of rot or weakness
  • Assessing the tracks for dents, twists, or misalignments
  • Cleaning all cables and checking for frayed/broken strands
  • Cleaning the spring and ensuring that it has the proper tension
  • Lubricating the rollers and examining for cracks, bending, or tilting
  • Lubricating the door opener and certifying the stability of the tracking

The importance of keeping a garage door and all of its parts in optimal working condition cannot be overstated, and a vital component to ensuring its peak performance is a tune-up on a regular basis by an expert garage door services provider such as Whitby Garage Doors.

For further information on the full range of garage door services provided by the skilled technicians from Whitby Garage Doors, visit to our Services page.

For all of your garage door service needs, including garage door tune-ups, maintenance, and repairs, call the experts from Whitby Garage Doors at 905-441-1512 or contact us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment today.

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