More Security for Your Garage

More Security for Your Garage

If you’ve ever upgraded the locks on the entry doors of your home, you probably had to wade through more options that you cared to think about. And the options only seem to be multiplying. From biometric locks that read your fingerprints to Bluetooth-enabled locks that you can open with a smartphone app, it seems like every week there’s a new option for door locks.

But what about the largest door in your home? What options do you have for garage door locks? Aside from the fact that your garage door opener keeps your door closed, your choices for locks are mainly just variations of regular key locks.

Until now.

The LiftMaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock

Whitby Garage Doors has proudly represented LiftMaster’s garage door openers for as long as we’ve been in business. We like working with LiftMaster and it’s important for our customers’ satisfaction to install what we feel are the best products available.

Earlier this year, LiftMaster released the 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock. It’s a powerful deadbolt lock that adds an important layer of safety and security for your garage and everything in it, including making it more difficult for intruders to get into your home through the garage.

The 841 LM is a ‘smart’ lock that works together with select LiftMaster door openers to lock and unlock automatically every time the opener operates. You can also monitor and control the 841 LM remotely using LiftMaster’s MyQ® smartphone app.

We’ve been installing garage doors and openers for a long time and this is by far the best automatic garage door lock we’ve ever seen.

The 841LM works with LiftMaster’s 8550W, 8587W and 8360W openers. To learn more about the 841LM, please get in touch with us here at Whitby Garage Doors, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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