How an Insulated Garage Door Helps You Around the House

How an Insulated Garage Door Helps You Around the House

That’s a bit of an odd title for a blog post, eh? What could having an insulated garage door possibly have to do with ‘helping you around the house’? It’s not like it’ll do the vacuuming for you.

But, when you look at what an insulated garage door does for you, versus an uninsulated door, you’ll see how it actually helps you get things done or avoid doing things you might consider a regular chore.

1. Keeps Your Home Cleaner

It’s been yet another cold winter here in Whitby. As you huddle inside to stay warm, you might decide to take on a home renovation project, even a small one.

Your project might involve cutting things like wood or tile. It’ll probably mean dirty tools. And you’ll likely need a place to store the stuff you’re getting rid of.

You’d be happy to do all your cutting and storing in the garage, but it’s way to cold to spend any time there if your door isn’t insulated. Instead, you’ll do everything in your nice warm home. And have to clean it all up later.

2. Have the Stuff You Need When You Need it

Colder temperatures can ruin many of the things you keep in your garage that can save you time. For example, that leftover wall paint will be ruined when you need it for a touch up.

And the wooden chest of drawers you’ve been keeping might be damaged by fluctuating temperatures. So, instead of having it ready to go when you want it, you’ll have to get a new one.

3. Less Work in the Spring

An insulated door keeps your garage drier. So when your gas lawn mower gives you a tough time to start in the spring, or your garden shears need sharpening, you can blame the damp conditions that result from having an uninsulated door.

There are many other reasons to install an insulated garage door. Call us here at Whitby Garage Doors to learn more.


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