Here’s How to Avoid Garage Door Repairs

Here’s How to Avoid Garage Door Repairs

How to avoid garage door repairs | Whitby Garage Doors

Let’s see. It is huge, heavy and it moves completely out of the way, every day, twice. But when’s the last time you had garage door repairs? Chances are you either have never needed to repair your garage door, or you can’t remember the last time you did.

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever need a door repair. Very often, the door should be fixed, but we go on living with it as it is. Maybe it doesn’t quite close all the way, or it wakes up the neighbors every time you use it.

In any case, there are ways for you to keep your garage door working the way you expect it to work for a very long time.

1. Keep Stuff Away from the Door

One of the best ways to increase your chances of having to get your garage door fixed is to store things inside your garage right next to the door.

It’s a spot that can seem clear and handy, but the cables used to support the door and keep it level need the space to operate. When you store something in the space near the cables, they can end up being stretched, or even disconnect or snap. Now you’ve done it.

2. Look & Listen

One of the best ways to ward off repairs is to simply look at and listen to the door as it opens and closes. Any unusual noises or during operation can mean a repair is in the near future. Every now and then, disconnect your garage door opener and try to open the door manually (please don’t strain yourself). If you can’t manage to move the door, or it’s overly difficult, you should find out why.

3. Put ‘Garage Door Maintenance’ on Your To-Do List

Instead of checking your garage for signs of repair just one time after reading this post, put ‘inspect the garage door’ on your to-do list at least once a year.

Don’t Do DIY Repairs

Your garage door is very heavy, it is under tension to make it easy to operate and it can severely harm you. Leave your garage door repairs to professionals. Call us at 905-665-8668 for safe and reliable garage door repairs.

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