Have Your Garage Door Inspected Before Spring

Have Your Garage Door Inspected Before Spring

Inspect Your Garage Door for Potential Repair Needs after the Winter Season

For many families, their garage door may see less use during the winter than at other times of the year. The majority of the open-and-close cycles throughout the cold weather months could be restricted to times when homeowners need to access their shovels/snow blowers or take out the garbage.

However, warmer weather is on the way for Whitby and Durham region, and with its return, homeowners and their families will have many more reasons and opportunities to enter and exit their garage; bicycles, sports equipment, lawn/garden tools, and car cleaning products will all find their way in and out of the garage on a regular basis from the spring till the fall.

Due to this inevitable increase in garage access/egress, it would be highly advisable to have the garage door inspected now for any issues or repair needs that may have arisen over the winter. Cold temperatures and winter weather conditions can be harsh on garage doors and their moving parts/hardware, and when coupled with the potential for less use throughout that season, problems might go unnoticed or undetected.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, a faulty or malfunctioning garage door can result in serious injury to a family member or pet, or cause significant damage to vehicles or other personal property. Each year, thousands of garage-door related injuries are chronicled across North America, with thousands more that likely remain unreported; therefore, to ensure the safety of their family and to protect their property, homeowners may wish to call upon the services of a reputable garage door maintenance and repair company such as Whitby Garage Doors.

When inspecting a garage door, technicians from Whitby Garage Doors will ensure that the following aspects of the door and its operation are in good order:

  • Smooth and unobstructed operation while in motion
  • Correct tension in the garage door spring and cables
  • Door weight is appropriately balanced and distributed
  • Door opener has sufficient horsepower for door weight
  • Travel limits for the door opener have been set correctly
  • Photocells and auto-reverse feature are working properly
  • Integrity of the door/panels and all hardware remains intact

As part of the inspection, should any potential or existing issues be identified, the technician from Whitby Garage Doors can provide recommendations on the various courses of action to remedy the situations, along with a written estimate of the cost for such repair services. In turn, they can quickly and efficiently perform the necessary repairs upon receiving approval from the homeowner.

Broken Garage Door Spring is Just One of Many Reasons for Expert Repair Service

Whenever their garage door may need replacement or repair, Whitby and area homeowners can rely on the award-winning service provided by the team from Whitby Garage Doors. In some instances, an inspection and minor tune-up may be all that is needed; at other times, the damage could be more significant and the repairs therefore more extensive.

The skilled technicians from Whitby Garage Doors have the know-how to effectively address the full spectrum of garage door repair needs, and in the vast majority of cases, they can respond and perform the repairs in the same day. Some of the garage-door related issues requiring the expert repair services of Whitby Garage Doors would include:

  • Broken springs
  • Snapped cables
  • Damaged panels
  • Faulty door openers
  • Bent/twisted tracking
  • Door out of alignment
  • Door jammed in mid-position
  • Unusual sounds while in operation

For additional information on the scope of garage door repair services Whitby Garage Doors, including garage door spring repair, please go to our Services Page.

For the safety and protection of your family and property, make sure that your garage door is in proper working order. Call Whitby Garage Doors today at (905) 441-1512 to book a garage door inspection and tune-up by one of our qualified technicians before the outdoor season arrives.

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