Get Ready Now for Your Garage Sale

Get Ready Now for Your Garage Sale

In addition to warmer temperatures and blooming flowers, spring is also the season for garage sales. Not only do garage sales give you a way to get rid of all the stuff you find in your spring cleaning, but they are also a great way to reconnect with neighbors, get all the family involved and make a bit of money (for your favorite charity?) at the same time.

Even if it’s still a little cold outside, the sooner you start planning your garage sale, the more successful, and easier, it will be. Here are just a few things to consider for your plan.

1. Choose a Date

This might sound obvious, but if you don’t set a solid date right away, other plans can pop up to occupy all the best dates and you end up postponing the sale for yet another year.

2. Get You Neighbours in on the Fun

Garage sale shoppers like to find a neighborhood that has a number of sales so they can look through more bargains in one place. Talk to your neighbors and let them know about your plans. Chances are they have a lot of stuff they want to get rid of too.

3. Gather Your Sale Items

You’ve probably been coming across things all winter that you’d like to make part of a sale. But if you leave it to the last minute to get them together, you’re not going to find half of them. Set aside space in your home or garage to collect stuff as you come across it or think about it.

4. Advertise!

Now’s the time to start planning your ‘promotional campaign’ too. Start looking for and making note of all the local publications and websites you can use to tell everyone about the sale. If you use social media, don’t be shy about telling all your connections too. 

5. Make Signs

You’d be surprised at how much traffic that signs around the neighborhood and community will attract to your sale, even on the day of the sale. Start designing and creating them now.

One more thing to plan on doing for your garage sale: have lots of fun!

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