Don’t Forget the Garage in Your Spring Cleaning

Don’t Forget the Garage in Your Spring Cleaning

In fact, it might be an idea to make the garage a priority for the overall cleaning of your home. If you want to start by cleaning the garage, you’re bound to find some storage space, which you can use for some of the things you want to get out of the house.

Or you can finish with the garage. That will give you a place to quickly throw all trash when you’re cleaning inside your home. Then, after you clean out the garage, you’ll know that every square inch of your home has been ‘spring cleaned’.

No matter what route you take to tidy home this year, here are a few tips to help you get your garage cleaner than usual:

1. Take No Prisoners

If decades of installing garage doors have shown us anything, it is that people keep a lot of stuff that can be thrown out, and they keep it in their garage. Whether it’s a sentimental attachment or the old ‘I might need that piece of drywall one day’ mentality, it’s clogging up your garage.

Here’s a simple rule to use when cleaning your garage. If you’re not sure whether to throw something out, throw it out. But, be careful about not do put hazardous waste, like paints and motor oils, in the regular garbage pickup. To learn more about how to handle hazardous waste, here’s a link to Whitby’s Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste web page.

2. Gather Your Weapons

Cleaning supplies, boxes and containers – anything that will help you organize and clean the space in your garage because they often tend to attract items that fit into certain categories, including ‘sports equipment’, ‘garden tools’ and ‘automotive’. Use the boxes and containers to keep similar items. And clearly label each box.

3. Look for Potential Storage Space First

Practice your unforgiving attitude to throwing things out in those areas that will quickly give you some space to manoeuvre. As you continue to clean the garage, you’ll need places to put things for ‘just a second’.

The best part of cleaning the garage, aside from finding a spot for all that stuff that was lying on the floor, is the simple amazement of making a place that was so cluttered, so very organized again.

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