4 Benefits of Installing a Steel Garage Door

4 Benefits of Installing a Steel Garage Door

If you’re considering a new steel garage door, you have lots of decisions to make. In addition to style, colour and options, like windows, one of the basic decisions you’ll have is about the material used in the construction of the door.

Generally, you can choose doors made with vinyl, wood, aluminum or steel. They all have their benefits, including the unmistakeable richness of wood, the economical durability of vinyl and the stylish appeal of aluminum.

If you’re thinking about a steel garage door, here are some of the many benefits to consider:

1. Strength

If there is one thing that sets steel doors apart from the rest, it is their strength. Steel is the strongest material used in garage door construction.

2. Versatile Style & Appearance

While they are made of steel, they can look like just about any other construction material or style of door. If you’re looking for the quaint look of carriage doors without the cost and maintenance of wood, steel is the answer. And if you ever choose to change things up, steel doors are easily painted.

3. Safety & Security

Steel doors will withstand an intruder’s attack, or everyday dings, as well as any garage door material. And, in the unfortunate event of a fire in your home, your steel door will withstand the heat and flames much longer than the other doors in your home.

4. Choose Your Energy Efficiency

Lastly, the way steel doors are constructed means it’s easier for you to choose different types of insulation, including high R-value insulation.

The benefits of steel garage doors may or may not be for you. But the more you know about the different garage door construction materials, the more informed you’ll be when it comes time to actually invest. To learn more about all types of garage doors, and their installation and maintenance, give us a call at 905-665-8668.

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