5 Questions to Answer Before You Epoxy Your Garage Floor

5 Questions to Answer Before You Epoxy Your Garage Floor

So how much salt, sand and dirt does your car drag into your garage in winter? And how easy is it to clean the floor afterwards? In order, your answers to those questions are probably, “a lot” and “not very”.

The problem is that the concrete on most garage floors is porous and the grime from your car can literally sink into it.

But if you gave your floor a coat of epoxy, it could resist anything your car throws at it, even engine oil, to make the floor way easier to clean and much better looking too.

However, before you begin, you need to answer some important questions that can make a big difference in how much work you do and how much enjoyment you get from the new floor.

1. DIY or Hire a Pro?

Yes, you’ve seen the DIY epoxy kits in the store. But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily an easy project. If you have a large garage or there are any issues with the concrete or floor, the cost of hiring a professional might be worthwhile.

2. Epoxy or Polyurea?

Similar to epoxy, Polyurea finishes are similar to epoxy but they are becoming increasingly popular due to some advantages they offer. Polyurea is more ‘elastic’ than epoxy, it cures faster and is more scratch-resistant. But it’s about three times more costly too.

3. How Porous is the Concrete?

If it is very smooth or coated with a sealant, you’ll need to grind the surface to increase porosity before applying the epoxy.

4. Are There Cracks in the Floor?

If yes and they are too wide for the finish to cover completely, you’ll need to clean them out and fill them with sealant.

5. What Will You Do With Everything in Your Garage?

You’ll need to empty your garage before beginning the project, and it can take many days to prepare the floor, apply the epoxy and let it cure. You’ll need to find space for the contents of your garage, either somewhere in your home, or through a short-term storage space rental.

Some of these are not easy questions to answer, which might need more research on your part. But once you do find the answers, you’ll be well on your way to having a great looking and highly durable garage floor.

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