4 Great Storage Ideas to Organize Your Garage

4 Great Storage Ideas to Organize Your Garage

Have you ever wondered, when you visit someone’s house, how the heck they keep it so neat and tidy? And we don’t mean people who invited you over. There are those who, even when you drop in unannounced, have a home that’s neater than when you just finish your cleaning.

Sure, they might be really well-organized people with a place for everything and everything in its place. But if you want to see the truly organized anyone is, check their garage.

Chances are, even your ‘neat freak’ friends, have a garage that looks much the same as your on the inside.

So here’s your chance to ‘one-up’ friends and family whose homes always seem so neat, organized and ‘together’.

Storage Options for Your Garage

While you have closets, shelves and cupboards elsewhere in your home, your garage usually has none them. Yet it’s still expected to house everything from your car and sports equipment, to lawn furniture and tools.

Here are just a few storage ideas to have a place for anything and everything you store in your garage.

1. Cabinets, Cupboards and Drawers

Collectively known as enclosed storage, this is probably the type of storage that garages miss the most. Enclosed storage gives you a place to keep things out of sight and/or securely locked away.

2. Open Shelving

On the other end of the spectrum, if you do already have some ‘storage infrastructure’ in your garage, it’s probably open shelving. There will always be those things you just want to have quick access to and they don’t need to be locked away.

3. Slotted Walls

Using slotted walls adds lots of versatility to your storage by giving you the option to keep things in the baskets, hooks and shelves that can be slotted into the wall.

4. Overhead Storage

The most under-utilized space in the garage is just above your head. Especially if you don’t have a room over the garage, you could have space for some of the largest items in your garage. From building a large shelf and making a mini attic, to storing building materials, bikes and tires, the overhead space in your garage can be used to store some of the largest, space-hogging things you have.

Once you get your garage organized, you’re ready to take the next steps, including an insulated garage door, to completely revamp the space. And then you’ll really be able to look down your nose at your ‘neat’ neighbours.

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