3 Tips to Protect Your Car in the Garage

3 Tips to Protect Your Car in the Garage

How to protect your car in the garage

What’s all this about ‘protect your car in the garage’? If you park your car in the garage, it’s protected, right?

Yes and no. Yes, your car is protected from the elements and the neighborhood kids when it’s in the garage. But even in the garage, your car can face other hazards that can cause costly damage.

How to Protect Your Car in the Garage

By knowing how your car can be damaged in the garage you’ll know how to protect it by preventing that damage.

1. Keep the Garage Door Closed

The primary protection you want to give your car has nothing to do with damage. According to one insurance company, your car is more likely to be stolen if you leave your garage door open. Leaving it open even a few inches can make it easier for thieves to take your car.

2. Know When to Stop

If you are like most homeowners, you use your garage for much more than parking your car. That means you might not have as much space to work with. When driving in, knowing when to stop before you hit something can be tricky.

A simple solution is to hang a tennis ball from the garage ceiling. Park the car in a spot that is as far away from anything inside the garage as you can get. Hang a tennis ball from a spot on the ceiling that lets it just touch the windshield. Next time you come home, drive the car into the garage until the windshield touches the ball. No more guessing how far you have until you hit something.

If you like high-tech solutions, garage door opener manufacturer Liftmaster offers a laser-guided parking assist accessory

3. Protect Your Doors

Another damaging symptom of too little space in the garage comes from not having enough room to fully open the car doors. But there is a way to stop worrying about damaging the doors every time you get into or out of the car. Attach swimming pool noodles to the garage wall, or anything that your the door might strike.

Your car is a big investment. These few things will help protect it. If you’re looking for a more secure garage door or garage door opener, contact us here at Whitby Garage Doors.  

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