3 Garage Floors That Stand Up to Anything You Throw At Them

3 Garage Floors That Stand Up to Anything You Throw At Them

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What is cracked, chipped, has grease stains and paint splatters.

Give up?

Your garage floor.

And, unfortunately, that’s no joke. If there was an award for the one part of your house that is most neglected, your garage floor would at least be on the running every year. Heck, it would be lucky to get swept once a year.

But that doesn’t mean you’re a bad homeowner. Garage floors are bare concrete. Concrete is notoriously difficult to clean. Whether in the basement or garage, we wouldn’t think twice about leaving a paint spill on a concrete floor instead of wiping it up. But you can’t say that about any other floor in the house.

Winter also has its own surprises for your garage floor. Especially the salt and dirt that get trapped in the snow and ice that clings to the wheel wells on your car. Once you drive into your garage, it’s only a matter of time until the brownish concoction melts enough to hit the floor. Then it leaves white salt lines on your floor as the moisture evaporates.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Options for Garage Floors that Stand Up to Just About Anything

By showing your garage floor a little love and attention, it’ll reward you with great looks and easy cleaning of anything you can throw at it. You’ll have to properly prepare the floor before using any of the following options.

1. A Coat of Paint

Applying a coat of concrete paint to the floor is probably the fastest and easiest way to improve your garage floor. It bonds with the concrete. A few solid coats will help the floor last much longer.

2. Apply an Epoxy

Epoxy, polyurea and polycuramine coatings offer the toughest floor protection with the ease of paint-on application. These coatings can even be chemical and acid resistant. And they are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

3. Floor Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are not only the most durable flooring for your garage, but the best looking too. Be ready to apply a levelling layer of concrete before tiling the floor.

Not only will you keep a coated garage floor cleaner, but you’ll also begin to see options for your garage beyond just using it as a place for your car.

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