How an Insulated Garage Door Makes Your Home More Comfortable

How an Insulated Garage Door Makes Your Home More Comfortable

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How well insulated is your home? Even if you know how important good insulation is for reducing your heating and air conditioning costs, and improving the overall comfort of your home, your house probably isn’t as well insulated as you think.

If your garage door isn’t insulated, there can be a costly gap in your overall home insulation and home comfort. While the attics and walls of most homes, especially newer ones, are insulated, few if any have insulated garage walls and ceilings.

Even of they do, they still have a problem is the garage door isn’t insulated.

Why You Need an Insulated Garage Door for Optimal Home Comfort

One of the main reasons why not having an insulated garage or garage door can affect your home comfort is the way in which most homeowners think about their garage. While there is a door between the garage and the house, most homeowners don’t think of it as a door to the ‘outside’. Why would they? It leads to the garage.

Just like you don’t insulate your interior walls and floors, you don’t often think about insulating your garage. It feels like its ‘inside’ too.

But cold and heat can get into your garage more easily than you think. Uninsulated garage walls and doors let in more outside temperatures than you think. A garage door left open is like exposing the rooms that adjoin the garage to outside heat and cold without any insulation at all.

That can affect the comfort of your entire home as your heating and air conditioning go into overdrive to battle the invasion of heat and cold.

Insulated garage doors are the final piece of your home installation puzzle. Just like a puzzle isn’t done until the last piece is in place, neither is your home comfort.

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